Top 10 Best Places For Breakfast in Edinburgh

Breakfast edinburgh

Treating yourself to breakfast or brunch, whether you’re a morning person or not, is one of the best ways to start your day. And, happily, Edinburgh is a city that is ready and able to cater to all manner of morning eaters, with cafes serving anything from full Scottish breakfast, complete with haggis, to healthy vegetarian options made with the finest ingredients. Whether you want to reward yourself for getting up early or you’ve spent the night at one of Edinburgh’s numerous whiskey bars or clubs and need to recuperate, stop by one of these greasy spoons or more fancy restaurants for the most fantastic breakfast in Edinburgh and brunch around.

Breakfast Edinburgh -Top 10 Breakfast Places

1. Spoon

spoon restaurant

Spoon claims excellent quality food at a low price, thanks to its bohemian atmosphere and unselfconsciously arty design. The eclectic mismatched furniture is mixed with pot plants, Victorian-style screens, and bookshelves.

And the old wallpaper and elaborate teacups add to the nostalgic appeal. The mixed grill is filling and substantial, and the vegetarian choice is above average, but it’s the morning buns that steal the show. The menu isn’t extremely extensive, but the high quality of the products and the fantastic setting more than compensate. Croissants, toast, and fruit are also available.

2. Urban Angel

Urban Angel

Come here for a tasty health boost if you’re feeling under the weather. The virtue is carried over into the superfood salads, all-day best brunch buffet, and other offerings.

Urban Angel’s smoothies, which cost little over $5, combine mango and coconut water with nutrient-dense ingredients like spinach, spirulina, and kale (there’s also a raw chocolate version made with almond milk, cocoa, banana, and vanilla). If any of this sounds like joyless, contrite eating, you’d be mistaken – the flavors are divine.

3. Mimi’s Bakehouse

Mimi's Bakehouse

Mimi’s tagline is “it’s all about the cake,” but this wonderfully nostalgic café also has one of the capital’s most opulent breakfast dishes. Local goodies such as excellent Crombie’s sausages, award-winning Stornoway black pudding, and Ramsay of Carluke’s bacon.

As well as genuinely delightful baked bread and pleasantly warming porridge with nuts and honey, are included on the “Belly Busting” breakfast menu. The pink and black burlesque wall decor compliments the extravagance of the cuisine, and even after a hearty breakfast, you’ll find it difficult to resist their sweets and pastries. It is not the place to go if you’re watching your weight!

4. Loudon’s


Brunch lovers, hangover sufferers, and families alike go to Loundon’s every weekend. Its essential, comfortable environment can accommodate any event, whether a corporate breakfast, a peaceful solitary brunch, or a chatty parents’ meet-up.

This restaurant is well-known for its eggs benedict, pancakes, and other morning favorites. Expect to fight a line of Loudons faithful for a seat, whether you’re at the Fountainbridge or New Waverley location, but wait it out — any Edinburgh will tell you it’s worth it.

5. The King’s Wark

The King's Wark

The King’s Wark is unquestionably the best place in Edinburgh for a classic Scottish breakfast Sunday morning. This iconic Leith bar has long held the distinction of most acceptable breakfast.

It’s warm and inviting, with a fantastic selection of ales, and you can have a leisurely breakfast from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. It is a bus ride from the city center near The Shore, but tourists should undoubtedly check out Leith for various beautiful restaurants. It may become quite crowded, so if you want to make sure your hunger is satisfied, make a reservation ahead of time.

6. Snax Café

Snax Café

This no-frills greasy spoon is an Edinburgh institution famous for its hangover-relieving breakfasts. Expect no smoked salmon or smoothie bowls at Snax Café: a minimal-frills establishment.

Portions are provided in three sizes: large, more prominent, and most extensive (the latter suitable only for the super-hungry).

7. The Blue Bear

The Blue Bear

The Blue Bear Café is a laid-back and welcoming diner in Cannonmills, near Stockbridge and the Royal Botanic Gardens. The café, which is cozy but trendy, is furnished with the works of local artists and has an arty yet unpretentious air.

The menu is not cluttered, and the cuisine is cooked and elegantly. There is a genuine dedication to recycling, composting, and low-mileage food, but there is no indication that the purpose of offering enticing, excellent meals has been overlooked. They specialise in breakfast and brunch foods, provide delicious scones and cakes, and are licensed to sell enticing beers and wines!

8. Seven


If Seven’s bright pink decor and lovely leafy design haven’t already won you over, the cuisine will. This quaint Tollcross café is ideal for a casual breakfast date, a full post-night out fry-up, or an afternoon pick-me-up with a friend.

9. Broughton Delicatessen

Broughton Delicatessen

This modest and relaxing café is tucked away behind an inconspicuous deli front, with a diverse breakfast menu and great home-cooked meals. Deli platters with a selection of excellent handmade bread, olives, and dips coexist alongside flatbread pizzas.

An incredible selection of salads, crepes, and decadent pancakes. The full breakfast is extensive and outstanding, including their secret recipe baked beans (which are much superior to the regular kind) and handmade tattie scones (potato scones to the uninitiated), which have earned them a cult following.

10. The High Dive

The High Dive

The High Dive, formerly owned by Edinburgh pizza bar Civerinos, has now been taken over by the crew behind the famous Nightcap and St Vincent pubs

Instead of pizza, Sando Edinburgh — a former pop-up in the city – is now dishing up enormous Japanese sandwiches at the St Leonards site. The Hive Dive serves day cocktails and menu items such as the ‘Kinoko Katsu (mushroom) Sando’ and the ‘Fillet Steak Katsu Sando from Thursday through Sunday.’


If you’re going out for the day, be sure to start it off well with a beautiful meal. Breakfast in Edinburgh comes in various forms, but meat-eaters should try a traditional Scottish fry up. Sausages, bacon, eggs, haggis, mushrooms, tomatoes, tattie scones (potato scones), hash browns, black pudding, toast, and large quantities of coffee or tea to wash it all down are all standard components of the “Full Scottish Breakfast.” Many taverns and restaurants provide this big breakfast, but the Kings Wark’s gut-shattering “Bigger Breakfast” is hard to surpass. There is just a no better way to recover your feeling of well-being on a Sunday morning after a Saturday night of partying.

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