Best Restaurants Soho – Top 10 Places to Eat

best restaurants soho

Soho is a London neighborhood that is home to some of the city’s most inventive gourmet attractions and some of the city’s best restaurants. If you stick to the principal streets, you can miss out on some of the Best Restaurants in Soho. With so many backstreets humming with hidden nightclubs and the subsequent eating craze, the options for where to dine here seem limitless. Soho is around a square mile in area, bordered on the north by Oxford Street, on the east by Tottenham Court Road, on the south by Shaftesbury Avenue, and on the west by Regent Street.

Despite recent considerable renovation that attempted to sanitize its identity, Soho maintains much of its distinctive historical, semi-seedy, and intriguing appeal. It might be challenging to explore and make a good decision due to the abundance of eateries of various levels and quality. Here is a selection of the top 10 Best Restaurants in Soho to reduce the possibility of disappointment.

Best Restaurants Soho – Top 10 Places to Eat

1. Quo Vadis

Quo Vadis

This Soho refuge, founded in 1926, is packed with charm. Karl Marx is also commemorated with a blue plaque outside (massive food lovers, apparently). With a significant portion of its original dining room hived off to accommodate Barrafina.

This Soho stalwart has lost some of its vitality. The small space now seems like a members’ club, which isn’t necessarily bad. It’s cozy and adds to the experience. They are strong candidates for business lunches or friendly get-togethers, particularly if you like their distinctive smoked-eel sarnies and simple British food like fish and chips.

2. Noble Rot

Noble Rot

This fantastic Bloomsbury restaurant has moved into the old Gay Hussar with flair and style, taking over one of Soho’s stalwarts.

Compared to the original, Alex Jackson’s menu focuses on rustic French cuisine, with roast chicken and morels in a vin jaune sauce, fish often paired with aioli, and a duck liver choux bun that’s pure joy in a bite. The wine, of course, is excellent, and the service is excellent. The upper, tiny nook seems like a well-kept secret if the downstairs dining area buzzes.

3. Wun’s Tea Room and Bar

Wun's Tea Room and Bar

Pretend you’re in Wong Kar-masterpiece wai’s ‘In the Mood for Love,’ and you’ll transport to 1960s Hong Kong at this late-night, neon-lit drinking den.

Order fluffy steamed buns, groundbreaking sugar-skin Iberico char siu, and inventive drinks like the Pandan Old Fashioned and Wun’s famous Rice Negroni.

4. Pizza Pilgrims

Pizza Pilgrims

Pizza Pilgrims, formerly a daring (and swarmed) food truck, has been serving Naples pizza in a bustling part of Soho since 2013 – one of seven London sites. Devotees line up for nduja, or Calabrian sticky hot sausage.

Fior di latte and Gorgonzola; smoked anchovy, olive, and capers pizzas. To accompany the excellent chewy crusts, dipping sauces (smoked chili jam mascarpone, pesto aioli) are offered ingeniously.

5. The Koya Bar

The Koya Bar

This informal cafe, which evokes the classic vibe of a Japanese udon-ya, would not be out of place in Tokyo. The extended, narrow area is dominated by a blond-wood counter (chefs on one side, diners on the other), yet it seems big and light.

There’s even a diddy table out front now. Udon with mushrooms and walnut miso (kinoko) and breakfast – try the ‘English breakfast udon: an earthy soup topped with fried egg, bacon, and shiitake mushrooms.

6. Blanchette


Thanks to brick walls and old furniture, this francophile’s pleasure has a delicate appeal. There’s a focus on fun, friendliness, and sharing everything.

From cheese beignets or frog’s legs to classics like cod niçoise with brandade aoli or braised lamb shoulder with anchovy and rosemary. The cuisine is bistro-style, including all-star French charcuterie and cheeses.

7. Lina Stores

Lina Stores

Lina Stores in Soho has opened this actual restaurant three-quarters of a century after launching its deli. Handrolled pici pasta noodles al dente, afternoon tea, gnudi ricotta, semolina dumplings, squid-ink spaghetti, and agnolotti stuffed pasta.

The most OK seats in the house are at the street-level counter or travel below to the more intimate trattoria-style setting. Because of the small amounts, this is an excellent choice for a quick snack before going on.

8. Copita


Copita is a fun, cheerful, and partially sandy-puppy tapas bar that goes much beyond patatas bravas. On the daily changing menu, you could discover smoked anchovies with pig crackling, sweet potato with bravas sauce, aioli, peanuts, and crusted sweetbread with butterbean puree.

The welcoming all-Spanish wine selection includes sparkling Raventos and a variety of sherries.

9. Chin Chin Dessert Club

Chin Chin Dessert Club

Come to Chin Chin Dessert Club for the bizarre Willy Wonka-inspired liquid nitrogen ice cream concoctions, and stay for the pimped-up hot chocolate with a mountain of fluffy blow-torched marshmallows.

It’s entirely out of this world. Sure, the temperatures have fallen, but there’s always time to go to dessert places, no matter the weather. Sweet winter goodies such as the melting handcrafted cherry pie and the sticky toffee pudding coated in warm salted caramel are on the menu.

10. Paradise


This modern Sri Lankan joint has gotten much too much attention. The somber monochromatic cocktail bar-like room has polished concrete walls and a stainless-steel counter surrounded by chairs.

The four-person booth via an archway at the rear of the restaurant, though, is the table to book — sit down and take your time over the spice-packed mini dishes. First, the menu has mutton rolls with fermented chilli sauce and arrack-infused cauliflower roti tacos with coconut labneh. Then combine spicy sambal chutneys and hoppers with the different vegetable, land, and marine curries.


Soho is unlike any other place on the planet. The haunt of poets, pimps, and parvenus, London’s dirty, sleazy, and achingly beautiful West End is home to a plethora of fantastic independent stores, cafés, pubs, and, most crucially, restaurants. Centuries of immigration and cultural cross-pollination have fueled its gastronomic variety. Our guide of the top 10 Best Restaurants in Soho includes everything from traditional French meals to Mediterranean small plates and delectable tapas. Whatever your preference is for a fancy dining experience or a fast mid-town snack, our selection offers something for everyone.

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