Beautiful Restaurants in London – Top 10 Nice Eateries

beautiful restaurants in london

There are plenty of restaurants with elegance and many more with depth. But combining the two isn’t always simple, so we have to admire the nicest restaurants in London for combining wonderful cuisine with a fine sense of aesthetics. Even the most Instagram-averse among you would have noticed that London has no lack of stunning places to dine.

Our wonderful city is blessed with many aesthetically pleasing eateries that appear as nice as the cuisine they serve tastes. What exactly are you waiting for? Snag a seat at one of London’s most stunning restaurants — perfect for a fancy AF supper. Whether they’ve gone for understated pastel tones or massively OTT design, these are some of the most beautiful restaurants!

Aqua KyotoYou’d be excused for passing right by the door of Aqua Kyoto, which is located in the heart of Soho, and across from the London Palladium theatre. The restaurant’s ability to stay under the radar as one of London’s best Japanese diners, with outstanding eating, service, and décor, is a testament to its success. Continue reading out guide on the top 10 beautiful restaurants in London.

Beautiful Restaurants in London – Top 10 Nice Food Eateries

1. Boca


Boca London is a chic Chiswick pub with warm orange tones, wall-hung drapes, and color-coordinated bottles. Come on over for a delicious supper in beautiful surroundings.

And how about a drink to go with it? Choose from a variety of picture-perfect cocktail clubs and glasses of wine.

2. Sketch


This ranking isn’t in any particular order, yet anyway, we ordered it, the sketch would have been in first place among London’s prettiest eateries.

This facility is lovely, from the majestic Glade to the pink, David Shrigley-adorned The Gallery to their ever-Instagrammed restrooms.

3. Jeru

Jeru The restaurant is inspired by Byzantine periods and means ‘ancient city,’ implying that it is a real melting pot of culture, food, and character.

Chef Roy, a Cordon Bleu educated and award-winning chef of North African and Israeli ancestry, runs the kitchen, and it’s here that the culinary magic happens. If you’re going to ‘do’ Jeru right,’ you’ll want to order the Chef’s Selection.

Pillow soft sourdough bread with a delightful culture butter that melts on your tongue, Ocean trout’samke harra’ with sharp-tasting roasted fennel tahini, and charcoal-grilled aubergine are all available here. Meat enthusiasts may have roast monkfish and charcoal corned chicken, while vegetarians can enjoy the aforementioned aubergine and confit sugarloaf cabbage (have you ever heard of anything more drool-worthy?)

4. Old Bank

Olb Bank

While Clapham is not lacking in beautiful restaurants, Old Bank is one of the most visually appealing. This eatery will appear on your Instagram account, from the exquisite décor to the magnificent platters.

5. Maggie Jones

Maggie Jones

You’re not in the Dorset countryside, are you? You’re in Kensington, inside Maggie Jones’s, a rustic eatery that doesn’t seem to have altered since the late 1800s.

The restaurant, cleverly built to seem like a country farmhouse, specializes in full meals like venison and mash and guinea fowl in white wine sauce. Yum!

6. Le Petit Beefbar

Le Petit Beefbar

Riccardo Giraudi’s flashy Beefbar restaurants have quietly but steadily appeared in all of the world’s most wealthy locations, from Monaco and Mykonos to Hong Kong – and now, unsurprisingly, in the heart of Chelsea.

With its moody lighting, stylish decor, and great drinks that strike a romantic tone from the start, Le Petit Beefbar has quickly become one of the trendiest date night locations in town. During the week, it’s all about flickering candlelight and personal moments over red wine, shared dishes, and fine cuts of meat, while Thursday evenings onwards are ideal for super-sociable couples who prefer a buzzy environment.

The menu features crowd-pleasing favorites from Beefbar locations worldwide, such as New York strip steak, Japanese Kobe, and a Tonkatsu spin on veal Milanese. The famous mash is a must-order, and the appetizers of Wagyu brisket-filled Bao Buns and Croque Sando are very great ice-breakers. Just make sure your date isn’t a vegan first.

7. 14 Hills

14 Hills

It is a new addition to the city, where it rests under peaceful rooftops. The Garden at 120, 14 Hills is a popular hangout.

Just look at the luxurious couches, beautiful cocktail bar, and tropical plants artistically displayed around the space. They also serve the best breakfast if you need another incentive to go.

8. The Skinny Kitchen Islington

The Skinny Kitchen Islington

The Skinny Kitchen in Islington provides a plethora of entertainment in addition to their fantastic cuisine. This elegant hangout is the ideal venue for a bottomless brunch with dancers and top-tier DJs or a superb evening dinner with drinks aplenty.

9. Sushisamba


Don’t get much more Instagrammable than the chic setting of SUSHISAMBA’s initial location in the City of London. It is a restaurant that takes eating as an experience seriously.

An experience that begins as you speed up the glass-fronted elevator and only improves from there. The views are irresistible — from your perch on the 38th floor, the picture of the city stretched out in a dazzling sea is startling enough to divert your attention away from the loveably OTT décor, if only for a minute.

10. Muse by Tom Aikens

Muse by Tom Aikens

One of the top restaurants in the UK is hidden away in a 25-cover renovated London mews home in Belgravia. That’s all there is to it.

Tom Aikens and his team of professional chefs employ seasonal and fresh ingredients to produce meals inspired by the founder’s Norfolk heritage, which was opened by the youngest British chef all time to be awarded two Michelin stars.


Are you a sucker for anything eye-catching? Filling your feed with the city’s best flat-lays and foliage-filled hotspots? Do you want to gaze at beautiful things because you’re human, and that’s all? Then you’ve arrived at the correct location. These gorgeous London restaurants are more than just pretty. From cafés with endless palm trees to soft pink velvet nooks where brunch reigns supreme, these attractive London restaurants are more than just pretty. Above guide on the top 10 beautiful restaurants in London will help you choosing best one.

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