Peckham Restaurants – Top 10 Best Places to Eat

peckham restaurants

We’ve added a slew of new Peckham restaurants, including Aside (an excellent contemporary British restaurant), the Coal Rooms (a smokey small-plates eatery in the old ticket office of Peckham Rye station), as well as Kudu (more small plates, this time with a South African accent). Wildflower (a vegetarian and vegan canteen) is on the Peckham Levels, but our current favourite has to be Levan, the just-brilliant sister of Brixton’s Salon. Peckham residents have traditionally been proud of their neighborhood’s image as a melting pot of cultural diversity, quirky personalities, and born-and-bred Londoners who keep things authentic. It now competes with Hoxton, Dalston, and all the other East End upstarts as a location to hang out, and its closeness to the outskirts of Nappy Valley has seen an influx of young families. It’s an ideal location for new eateries to establish themselves — here are the top 10 Best Restaurants in Peckham.

Peckham Restaurants – Top 10 Best Places to Eat

1. Levan


It’s no secret that we like Levan – we’ve even spoken lyrical about it here. The seasonal menu varies daily, which is ideal if you like the excitement of arriving at a restaurant and not knowing what to expect.

If that makes you nervous, be assured that everything we’ve tested on our (many) trips has been a success. Past dishes have included a pine nut burrata appetizer, beef tartare topped with an anchovy crumb, and a melt-in-your-mouth pork belly with plum compote and steaming greens.

2. Anderson & Co

Anderson & Co

Just off the cuff and occurring, this laid-back café on Bellenden Road is popular with well-to-do people, particularly those with pushchairs.

Tuck into extended breakfasts, quirky salads, handmade cakes, afternoon tea, and the like in the courtyard or the rear room beside the open kitchen. Also, keep an eye out for its self-proclaimed burger evenings (Thursdays through Saturdays), including sundaes and specialty beers.

3. JB’s Soul Food

JB's Soul Food

The recent uproar over Turtle Bay’s extreme perversion of Jamaican cuisine serves as a timely reminder that fantastic yard food can find across London; it isn’t in costly cocktail bars.

Copeland Jerk Centre near the station, a booth inside Rye Lane Market, and Gabby are in Peckham, but the finest is still JB’s, named for Jennifer and Bill Hawes, who operate it. Everything at JB’s is guaranteed to be consistent, from the patties to the curried goat and tar-black oxtail and even the slab of mac & cheese, which always assures a balanced lunch.

4. Artusi


This genuine, down-to-earth man is low-key and minimalist. Italian is an excellent local restaurant you could imagine:

stylish without being arrogant, exceptional value despite its superb quality, and with a compact, market-led blackboard menu of big-flavored, technically perfect seasonal meals. January King cabbage with bagna cáuda and breadcrumbs, cotechino with salsify and lentils, or lamb shoulder with salsa verde and pea shoots are just a few examples.

5. Skylight


Skylight Peckham provides small dishes and platters to share with friends while sipping beverages from a menu based on locally sourced ingredients. Consider creamy burrata, smoked meats, and toasted sourdough.

On weekends, bottomless brunch is provided, including limitless bubbly and Bloody Marys and a range of traditional brunch meals. During the winter, heated igloos emerge on the terrace, allowing you to enjoy the views from this rooftop restaurant all year.

6. Aside


This fantastic café linked to the Assembly Point gallery in downtown Peckham serves exquisite contemporary British food and small seasonal dishes like hake with kohlrabi and sea aster or venison with plums and celeriac.

The secrets to the kitchen’s success are astute sourcing, smart buying, culinary know-how, and exquisite flavors. It was a victory.

7. Slow Richie’s

Slow Richie's

There’s no hassle, just terrific food. That is what Slow Richies provides. Since 2014, this steak restaurant has been serving some of London’s filthiest burgers and the most incredible sauces to go with them.

It’s impossible to go wrong with their classic beef burger. You’ll need to arrive hungry since it’s a beef patty topped with BBQ pulled pork and a cheddar and chili lime dressing.

8. Filishack


It’s possible to purchase the whole globe in Peckham, but it’s doubtful that these worlds will ever intersect until General Store begins carrying yams. Filishack, on the other hand, has the distinction of being the store where everyone goes.

Filishack, owned by Peckham lads Jonathan and Justice Cacho, who grew up on the “Yellow Brick” Bells Garden’s Estate, is an example of a firm that understands its audience intimately and is satisfied to do one thing better than it has to be.

9. Babette


This brick-walled establishment, formerly a boozer, is now Madame Babette’s pride and joy — a neighborhood restaurant with a Gallic ambiance, chandeliers in the front room, and Bermondsey beers on tap.

The chalkboard menu focuses on different French-accented sharing boards, but individual ‘plates’ such as cumin-spiced lamb with flatbread and harissa are also available. Weekend brunch is also a popular local activity.

10. Tiwa ‘N’ Tiwa

Tiwa 'N' Tiwa

Tiwa ‘n’ Tiwa, a modest takeout store nestled around the back of Peckham Road, may be found in two ways. One option is to turn around at the Zaha Hadid-designed Burger King. Or check for smoke.

During the day, outside, Tiwa ‘n’ Tiwa barbecues beef suya in large strips, which are completed during the evening rush. When they’re chopped up again, tossed with yaji, and massaged with raw onion smoothness, they’re alternatively crunchy and fatty and all hot, to the point where you’ll need to buy several beers or Nigerian Fanta ahead of time.


Peckham has always had a plethora of excellent eateries – and residents have long sought to keep their small gastronomic nirvana a secret. On the other hand, Peckham’s reputation seems to have surged in recent years. Many unique restaurants have sprouted up in the region, ranging from family-run establishments providing substantial meals to sophisticated rooftop locations. If you’re searching for a restaurant in Peckham, you’ve come to the right spot. Please look at our comprehensive list of the top 10 of the Best Restaurants in Peckham.

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