Steak Restaurants London – Top 10 Best Steakhouses

steak restaurants london

Sometimes all you want, no, need is a big, juicy steak – yet nothing burns a hole in your wallet like a slab of red meat. That’s why we have compiled a list of all of our favorite places to satiate your meaty appetites without breaking the budget. Read our top 10 Steak restaurants in London.

Steak Restaurants London – Top 10 Best Steakhouses

1. Le Petit Beefbar

Le Petit Beefbar

Le Petit Beefbar, part of the worldwide recognized Beefbar collection, launched its first UK restaurant on Cale Street in Chelsea last November. The cuisine is both cozy and opulent, and it has the wonderful Sauce Beefbar.

Which is created with butter, herbs, and truffle. This new kid on the block is an excellent addition to London’s steak restaurant scene. It opened its doors in November in Chelsea. Expectations were high for the first UK location of the premium Beefbar brand, founded in Monaco by legendary chef Riccardo Giraudi, but boy did this restaurant delivers.

2. STK London

You’ve come across STK’s infamous Instagram wall at some point during your daily (or hourly) timeline scroll, for sure. When it comes to glam, STK delivers on all fronts. STK is the best place to get a top-quality steak in London.

With a selection of delicious wagyu beef sirloin and standard cuts, all perfectly grilled and served with truffle mac and cheese and parmesan fries, you won’t be hungry. STK London is among one the best Steak restaurants in London.

3. Jones Family Kitchen

Jones Family Kitchen

The charming Jones Family Kitchen, nestled among the hidden treasure Eccleston Yards, debuted in May 2018, sister to the Jones Family Project in bustling Shoreditch. It’s become well-known for its fine cuts of meat grilled on Josper grills.

But it’s also fantastic in so many other ways! The cocktail selection alone is impressive – try the ‘Roll With ‘Em’ if you like rum or the ‘Honey Go Brightly’ if you like gin – and the appetizers range from octopus salad to duck egg and wild mushrooms.

4. Guinea

On a backstreet off Berkeley Square, an old pub hides a traditional grill area. Guinea is a typical English pub in Mayfair that also happens to be one of the greatest in the UK. Their menu features steaks made from the best Scottish meat, washed down with outstanding beer and wine.

5. Hawksmoor

Hawksmoor, the long-reigning ‘Kings of the Red Meat,’ is the place to go if you’re a rabid carnivore. This London steakhouse made a vow when it originally debuted in 2006 to serve the most delicate meat the UK offers.

Since then, they’ve made sure that all of their beef comes from British farms and animals that have lived in the ideal possible conditions. It shows in the fact that the steak served here is brutally fantastic. Chateaubriand is a perfect option if you are looking for something to share. They also offer excellent sirloins, fillets, and ribeye cuts.

6. Blacklock Soho

Blacklock Soho

Blacklock goes above and beyond the typical chophouse when it comes to atmosphere. Diners at the original Soho site will find themselves munching into vast piles of charcoal-cooked chops in a building that formerly housed a renowned brothel!

However, there are now just big slices of Cornish meat, cooked to perfection and served with various strongly seasoned sides. Meals are best accompanied by a beverage or two (or perhaps even three). A wild, fantastic night out.

7. Darkhorse


We don’t think of sports teams when we think of dark horses; we think of this massive 800g sharing steak topped with the juiciest tomatoes you’ve ever seen. You’re in for a genuine treat. If you find someone willing to share, grab some delicious recipes.

We suggest the rosemary and garlic roasties with buttery mixed greens – and a beautiful bottle of red wine to go with them. Darkhorse also serves excellent desserts – try the apple and blackberry crumble or the steaming sticky toffee pudding – and a fantastic Sunday roast.

8. London’s JW Steakhouse

Paul Bates, the head chef at JW Steakhouse, is picky about his suppliers. The steaks served at this beautiful yet laid-back restaurant are supplied by a range of local and worldwide experts.

Including Highland Wagyu, a family-run enterprise situated in the Scottish Highlands famed for producing some of the world’s best beef. Bourbon is the perfect drink to pair with steak. It has one of the largest selections of bourbons available in London.

9. High Timber

High Timber

High Timber serves food on a sun-drenched patio, but customers may want to warm themselves in the well-appointed basement in the winter. They’ll enjoy a pallet of honest, earthy tastes wherever they eat.

Plus the assurance that all of the food served here is responsibly sourced and cooked with personalized care and attention. The steaks are matured for at least 28 days, and head chef Marcel McSween infuses everything from the sides to the soup with a solid South African taste to brighten even the darkest winters.

10. Blacklock


A firm favorite in the book titled “Best London Restaurants for Meat Lovers by Meat Lovers” (or at least it would be if that existed). The steak is excellent on its own, but we recommend the “All In” option.

A variety of appetizers will be served before the main course, including a selection of meats and lambs. You’ll also receive two sides (no, it is not literally): dripping beef chips or ash-roasted sweet potatoes and a variety of other exotic greens. They also have a slew of delectable sauces – think garlic marrow spread and a chili-infused hollandaise – as well as a delicious white chocolate cheesecake.


Londoners love to indulge in quality eating and the eateries that fall within the budget are just too hard to ignore. There are several outstanding steak restaurants in London. When we talk about the best Steak restaurants in London, above mentioned restaurants specialize in the highest quality cuts of meat and offer easy charcoal options to ensure you have the best possible experience. The above list that we gathered for you should suffice your search when you are looking out for a grub in London next time.

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