Top 10 Places For Late Night Food in London

late night food london

Late-night snacking comes naturally to all of us. If you are up in the wee hours, the midnight hunger pangs become unbearable, and you lookout for easy ways to get the best food. A Londoner never finds it hard to satisfy the midnight cravings as the city bursts with late-night restaurants and lounges that offer much more than a box of hot wings or pizzas.

The city of London exudes energy 24 hours a day and has become one of the most happening cities of our times. With the lit-up streets throughout the night and an array of midnight snacking spots, it’s quite a convenient place for the foodies.

If you are in London and amongst those who fight hunger spasms mostly at night and would rather go out for a quick grub, we have compiled the best restaurants that serve late-night food in London. 

Here they are-

Top 10 Famous Places For Late Night Food in London

1. Smoking Goat

Smoking goat

A Thai Restaurant in Shoreditch.

A perfect spot for hanging out with friends in the wee hours to get a grub, the Smoking Goat is at its best post-midnight on Fridays and Saturdays and opens till 1 in the morning.

Drunken noodles and crispy chili fish sauce wings will dowse your late-night hunger with a cool beer on the side. Catch up with your mates who share your midnight appetite at the restaurant that serves the best Thai in the city of London.

2. Gokoyuzu Restaurant

Gokoyuzu Restaurant

The Turkish palate in Harringay

To get a quick eat the midnight hours, the Gokoyuzu restaurant at the Green Lanes is a nice spot that opens till 1 am.

The aroma of the charcoal grill fills the air and scintillates the taste buds. You get here the complimentary flatbread, the dip, and salad that lift the mood with a bowl of Manti or Beyti you can soak in the midnight hues of this place.

3. Decimo


The Spanish Eatery for that Midnight Munching

Offering an impressive setting the decimo is an HBO restaurant. Famous for its classic tequila shots and rooftop cigarettes the place stays up till 3 am from Thursday to Saturday.

It hosts big groups, birthday parties, business meals, and other special occasions. Though the bar menu is limited Decimo makes it to the best places for late-night food in London with its best cocktails and the chorizo tortilla to satisfy your appetite in the tiny hours of the night.

4. Martello Hall

Martello Hall

Grab a Pizza in Hackney

A sudden craving for pizza at the midnight is quite natural we say. Martello’s hall on Mare Street beams up in the night till 2 am from Thursday to Saturday and offers a comfortable menu at its laid-back bar.

Having a crisp-crusted pizza with your mates in the middle of the night makes it a memorable experience. The spot is famous for its brunches, vegetarian food, and a casual weekend dinner too.

5. Lanzhou Lamian Noodle Bar

Lanzhou Lamian Noodle bar

The Chinese Midnight Craving

To dowse the late-night craving for Chinese noodles, the Lanzhou Lamian noodle bar opens till 5 in the morning.

The place offers amazing choices between la mian or dao xiao mian, fried, dry, or in soup. The best of pork chops, Fujion peanut sauce, pickled vegetables, and many other combos can be added with it to make it even more savory.

6. Three Eight Four

Three Eight Four

The cocktails and Small Plates

If you are craving smoky chicken wings with spring onion, Garlic butter prawns, blistered Padron peppers and slow-cooked beef brisket in a brioche bun.

Then this Brixton spot is the perfect match. Three Eight Four opens till 1 am and you can comfortably settle in whit your midnight snack and cocktail and dive into the night’s charm.

7. Voodoo Ray’s

Voodoo Ray’s

A Gluten-Free Night Out

Voodoo Ray’s in Dalston is a filling and delicious choice for a midnight snack. Opened till 3.50 am on the weekends, offers New York-style pizzas that are as big and incredible.

Toppings that are vegetarian, vegan, and meaty come at just 50P more with a Margherita at £3.50 at Voodoo Ray’s. It’s a spot famous amongst vegans, vegetarians, and delivery and takeaway options are also available.

8. Beigel Bake

Beigel Bake

A Shoreditch Bakery / Café

A wicked place for the solo diner in you would love the cream cheese bagels or the salt beef sarnies at the Beigel Bake that opens 24/7.

Famous for its cheap and late-night eats, the place serves since 1974. After being sloshed in Shoreditch cocktails, the Beigel Bake fresh bagels with salt beef is the best snacking you can do late at night.

9. Bob Bob Ricard

Bob Bob Ricard

The European Dining in Soho

Presenting a lavish Art Deco interior with tasty American and British food choices this place is the best when you crave more than a cheeseburger to dowse your midnight starvation.

From private dining to birthday parties Bob Bob Ricard offers caviar and champagne to American comfort food making your night memorable. It serves till 1 in the morning from Thursday to Saturday.

10. VQ


Go American in Chelsea

While the drinks are served round the clock the VQ is a 24-hour café flooded with Imperial College students and the Fulham Road residents of the vicinity.

A sticky toffee pudding and a nice plate of pasta will fix your midnight blues in a jiffy. The restaurant also delivers and is famous for its breakfast, brunch, and light eats.


For making your dull night a canny affair, get your backpack and explore the gastronomic flavors that just become ever so savory in the night hours. The streets of London present the gleaming lights of these fabulous midnight eateries to be the guiding star for those who seek solace in food at the wee hours. The list above will help you satiate your hunger pangs in the midnight, and who knows, you land up finding a friend for life while having some late-night food in London. 

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