Pakistani Restaurants in London: Top 10 Pakistan Eateries

pakistani restaurants in london

Step into a world of aromatic spices, flavorful curries, and mouth-watering kebabs as we explore the top Pakistani restaurants in London. From traditional family-run establishments to trendy modern eateries, these culinary gems offer a taste of Pakistan right in the heart of the UK capital. Join us on a delicious journey through the best Pakistani eateries that London has to offer!

Top 10 Pakistani Restaurants in London

1. Lahore One Restaurant

Lahore One Restaurant

Lahore One restaurant is known for its contemporary approach to traditional Pakistani dishes. The interior of the restaurant is modern and stylishly decorated with colorful paintings depicting scenes from Pakistan. The menu features a variety of mouth-watering options such as chicken karahi, biryani, and kebabs cooked with aromatic spices and served with naan bread or rice. What sets Lahore One apart from other Pakistani restaurants is their use of fusion techniques to create new flavors while still staying true to their roots.

Address: 218 Commercial Rd, London E1 2JT
Phone: 020 7791 0112

2. Lahore Kebab House

Lahore Kebab House

This family-run restaurant has been serving up delicious kebabs and has become an iconic spot for locals and tourists alike. Situated in the busy Brick Lane area, Lahore Kebab House is always buzzing with people craving their famous lamb chops marinated in yogurt and spices. A must-try dish at this eatery is the Peshawari karahi which consists of tender pieces of chicken or lamb cooked in a thick tomato-based gravy.

Address: 2-10, Umberston St, London E1 1PY
Phone: 020 7481 9737

3. Lahori


If you’re looking for a more upscale dining experience while still indulging in authentic Pakistani cuisine, Lahori should be on your list. This restaurant prides itself on using high-quality ingredients to create elevated versions of traditional dishes like haleem (a slow-cooked meat curry) or nihari (slow-cooked beef stew). The elegant setting adds to the overall dining experience making it perfect for special occasions or date nights.

Address: 2-4 Gateforth St, London NW8 8EH
Phone: 020 4538 5901

4. Salloos


Salloos offers a cozy and homely atmosphere with its rustic decor and friendly staff. Their menu features dishes that are a fusion of Pakistani and Indian cuisine, making it a go-to spot for diners who enjoy both. The must-try dish at this restaurant is their Lahori fish fry, marinated in an aromatic blend of spices and deep-fried to perfection.

Address: 62-64 Kinnerton St, London SW1X 8ER
Phone: 020 7235 4444

5. Dawat Restaurant Norbury

Dawat Restaurant Norbury

Situated in the bustling neighborhood of Norbury, Dawat Restaurant offers a cozy and welcoming atmosphere to diners seeking a taste of home-cooked Pakistani meals. The restaurant prides itself on using fresh ingredients and traditional cooking techniques to bring out the rich flavors of Pakistani cuisine. Their menu features a variety of meat-based and vegetarian dishes such as biryanis, karahi chicken, daal makhani, and more. With generous portions at affordable prices, Dawat Restaurant Norbury has become a go-to spot for many locals craving authentic Pakistani flavors

Address: 1416 London Rd, Norbury, London SW16 4BZ
Phone: 020 8679 2222

6. Dilpasand Restaurant

Dilpasand Restaurant

For over 5 years Dilpasand has been serving up some of the best Pakistani food in London. Located in Tooting Bec, this family-run establishment offers a menu filled with classic dishes from all over Pakistan. From succulent kebabs to flavorful curries and aromatic rice dishes, every item on their menu is made with care and attention to detail. The restaurant also caters to dietary restrictions by offering gluten-free and vegan options.

Address: 111-113 Commercial Rd, London E1 1RD
Phone: 020 7247 0285

7. Zaiqa London

Zaiqa London

Zaiqa London brings together traditional Pakistani recipes with modern twists. The contemporary decor sets the mood for an elevated dining experience while still staying true to its roots through its delectable food offerings. Highlights from the menu include lamb chops marinated in fragrant spices served with creamy raita dip or their signature dish “Butter Chicken”. With their commitment to using high-quality ingredients and innovative cooking techniques, Zaiqa London is a must-visit for Pakistani food lovers.

Address: 108a Whitechapel Rd, London E1 1JE
Phone: 020 7377 9292

8. Zayna


Tucked away in the heart of Camden, Zayna offers an intimate dining experience with a menu that showcases the best of Pakistani cuisine. The restaurant is known for its flavorful biryanis and succulent tandoori dishes cooked to perfection in their authentic charcoal oven. Their extensive menu also includes a variety of vegetarian options and traditional desserts like gulab jamun and kheer. With its warm hospitality, cozy ambiance, and delicious food, Zayna is a popular spot among locals and tourists alike.

Address: 25 New Quebec St, London W1H 7SF
Phone: 020 7723 2229

9. Salwa Restaurant

Salwa Restaurant

Salwa Restaurant is a popular spot among locals and tourists alike for its rich Pakistani cuisine. Located in the heart of East London, this restaurant offers an array of traditional dishes bursting with flavor and spices. From succulent kebabs to aromatic biryanis, every dish at Salwa Restaurant is prepared with fresh ingredients sourced locally. Their signature dish ‘Chicken Handi’ is a must-try for its tender chicken cooked in a creamy cashew nut gravy. The rustic decor with warm and cozy atmosphere make it an ideal spot for a family dinner or a casual meal with friends.

Address: 4 Crawford Pl, London W1H 5NB
Phone: 020 7724 4912

10. Spice Village Tooting

Spice Village Tooting

Spice Village Tooting is another renowned name when it comes to Pakistani food in London. Situated in South West London, this restaurant aims to bring the true taste of Pakistan to its customers’ plates. Led by Chef Rashid Iqbal, who has many years of experience in Pakistani cuisine, Spice Village Tooting boasts an extensive menu featuring street-style snacks like samosas and chaat as well as hearty curries like Karahi Gosht (spicy lamb curry). With elegant decor inspired by traditional Pakistani truck art, dining at Spice Village Tooting feels like a cultural journey through Pakistan’s streets.

Address: 121 Upper Tooting Rd, London SW17 7TJ
Phone: 020 8672 0710


In conclusion, London is home to a wide range of Pakistani restaurants that offer delicious and authentic cuisine. Whether you are craving for traditional dishes or looking to try something new, these top 10 eateries are sure to satisfy your taste buds. From casual dining experiences to upscale settings, each restaurant has its own unique charm and flavor. So why not take a trip through the vibrant flavors of Pakistan at one of these restaurants? You won’t regret it!

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