Top 10 Warm And Cozy Restaurants in London

warm and cozy restaurants

Are you in the mood for some fantastic food but don’t want to go someplace loud? Well, we have all been there. A tiring day, or maybe a hangover, or you just want to enjoy a meal in peace with your date or your family. While London is known for its nightlife and party ambiance, it does hurt to want to go to a sober restaurant every once in a while. After all, the party is fun, but it might not be warm and comforting. So if you are in the mood to visit a soft and homely restaurant this weekend, with a warm and cozy atmosphere, here are our best recommendations.

The Top 10 Best Warm and Cozy Restaurants in London

1. Poppies’

Poppies provide you with a hot and welcoming atmosphere. It is located at 6-8 Hanbury st, e1 6qr and has a rating of 4.5/5. If you visit this dining restaurant, you will find wooden chairs and tables and looks quite comfortable.

It’s like the big dining room in your parent’s house and strives to provide exactly that kind of feeling. We recommend trying their fish and chips as well. This restaurant has all the home-cooked food you like included in their menu with a few new dishes.

2. Fatt Pundit

Fatt pundit

This restaurant has a rating of 4.4/5 in 77 Berwick street, London, w1f. The atmosphere here is amiable, and the servers would greet you with a warm smile, just what you need after a rough day.

Also, be sure to try their deserts like tiramisu and lemon cakes, and they won’t even be too heavy on your pockets.

3. No. Fifty Cheyne

No. Fifty Cheyne

Primarily a cocktail bars lounge, the insides are very sober in colour, and you will like it if you want a cozy and warm ambiance. Also rated 4.6/5, this restaurant is located at 50 Cheyne Walk, Chelsea, London sw3 5lr.

We suggest you try their mashed potatoes and green beans. Also, they served many French-inspired fusion dishes like grilled meat and fish. They also have menus based on season, and if you do visit, make sure to try their wine menu. They stock some of the best wines available.

4. Simpson’s in the Strand

Simpson's in the strand

This restaurant is a novelty everywhere. Simpsons is already 192 years aged and located at 100 strand, London wc2. This restaurant will be moderate on the price list and has a good rating of about 4.5/5.

They have dishes in here based on Winston Churchill’s favorites. The meat is delectable, like the Scottish halibut grilled or on the bone.

5. Hill’s

Located in bill prince 120 Fenchurch St, London ec3m 5ba, this restaurant has a whooping 4.9/5 review, and people do love this restaurant. This restaurant is perfect for outdoor dining and serves food from 9 to 5 on weekdays until 10:30 pm at weekends.

So, if you would want to go for an early dinner, this restaurant will be indeed open for you. This restaurant also has a wide range of cocktails like meat & Chandon rosé and Tia maria and coconut reduction.

6. Lina Stores King’s Cross Restaurant & Deli

Lina stores king's cross restaurant & deli

With walls and furniture, all painted light shades of pink and blue and majorly white, this restaurant will be pretty easy on the eyes for you.

They also have a rating of 4.4/5 and are located in line stores king’s cross restaurant & deli, 20 stable street, London n1. 0208 103 4787. We suggest you try their pasta and the ribeye steak.

7. Sketch Lecture Room & Library

Sketch lecture room & library

Located at 9 Conduit Street, London w1. The sketch lecture room & library is a three-star Michelin restaurant. The ambiance is more like a huge dining room with bright-looking walls and a warm ambiance.

The guests here are treated the same with fast service and a friendly smile. We suggest you try their single fusion plates of colourful dishes and something from the wine list.

8. Oren


They are located at 89 shackles well lane, London e8. 020 this restaurant has a rating of 4.7/5. They have Mediterranean plates for sharing on the menu.

The ambiance here is what you would think when dining in a small and cozy rented flat. Be sure to try the hispi cabbage here.

9. Hide

Opened in 2018, hide is entirely on the posh side of London restaurants, and you will not be disappointed in them. Hide also has a Michelin star to go along with and three storeys. 85 piccadilly, London w1j 7nb, hide overlooks the green park.

The interiors look like a modern-day fairy tale based in the woods. Almost all the furniture is wood-carved. We recommend you try their bread basket and starters like truffle pasta, which will surely melt in your mouth.

They also have a menu of wines, including 7000 different types of wine. Or you could order their pretty excellent cocktails and drinks. Visit just to see the tree-shaped staircase they house inside the building.

10. Gloria


They are located at 54-56 great eastern street, London ec2, with a rating of 4.7/5. They serve delectable desserts to go along with the food. And they also have single plated along with dishes to share, and we recommend you try the 42-day aged beef.

Overall, a great restaurant to go to, where you will find the crowd mostly relaxing in the deep warm undertones of the restaurant. The ambiance here is very warm and light; you will enjoy the soft and serene music playing in the background. If you and your date want to enjoy some fantastic food in a cozy environment, this is the place to go to.

Therefore, we see there are many restaurants in London with the warm and cozy types of ambiances you might be looking for.

There is no harm in taking a break from the partying or the hustle and bustle in clubs and restaurants and visit one of these where we assure you that you will be pretty relaxed and enjoy your food.

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