Chinese Restaurants Manchester – Top 10 Chinese Eateries

chinese restaurants manchester

Are you looking for a fun way to spend your holiday? Manchester has many outstanding Chinese restaurants, ranging from authentic high-end chefs to those that put a modern twist on traditional cuisine. Manchester’s Chinatown is located in the city’s core, on Faulkner Street, directly behind the town hall and a short distance from the Gay Village and Piccadilly Gardens. The neighborhood has excellent restaurants, Oriental groceries, Chinese medicine stores, and casinos. Whatever your taste, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 Chinese restaurants in Manchester for you to try this weekend.

Chinese Restaurants Manchester – Top 10 Chinese Eateries

1. Blue-Eyed Panda

Blue-Eyed Panda

Blue-Eyed Panda in Ancoats, Manchester’s trendiest gastronomic neighborhood, is the place to go for a Chinese feast. The atmosphere is essential, but the cuisine will take your breath away — literally, in the case of some of the fiery Sichuan dishes.

Roast meats, such as the honey-glazed char sui pork, are a highlight, but vegetarians have plenty of options. Blue-Eyed Panda is a popular Ancoats hangout because of its extensive menu of genuine Chinese cuisine.

Even after repeated break-ins during the lockdown, the restaurant has Northern natural resilience – and is well worth your patronage while the storm continues. Szechuan dishes, traditional British sweet and sour chicken, and vegan steak are all options.

2. Tattu, City Centre

Tattu, one of Manchester’s most delectable restaurants, serves stunning Chinese-inspired cuisine, which can eat in their ever-decadent Spinningfields setting under their indoor cherry blossom.

Bringing a one-of-a-kind experience to the city, the restaurant is one of its few high-end (and very Instagrammable) Chinese restaurants, making it unique. Dine beneath a canopy of cherry blossoms in a booth at this trendy Chinese restaurant in Spinningfields.

The cuisine is equally stunning as the atmosphere, with dishes elevated by ingredients such as Wagyu steak, lobster, and truffle. Gather your most fashionable culinary pals, get a round of Cherry Blossom Negronis, and eat small appetisers like teriyaki beef gyoza and chilli salt squid.

3. The Little Yang Sing

The Little Yang Sing

Warren Yeung, the owner of Little Yang Sing, strives to give his guests an excellent dining experience while delivering delicious Chinese food at reasonable pricing.

The banquet menu is enormous, and it’s worth augmenting it with some of the delectable dim food.

4. Hunan

This restaurant on George Street specialises in Hunan cuisine, known for its bold flavours and liberal use of chilli. The seafood restaurant dishes are very excellent here if you can withstand the heat.

Try the Hunan-style hot lobster or the velvet crab with preserved veggies and chili.

5. Sweet Mandarin

Sweet Mandarin

Sweet Mandarin, one of the city’s most popular Chinese restaurants, is a bit of a family affair, owned by three sisters who prepare classic Chinese food – you got it – family-style.

The cuisine is so good that even Gordon Ramsay is a fan, and the menu includes traditional favourites such as fragrant, crispy duck, satay chicken, and sichaun beef. Sweet Mandarin, a Northern Quarter staple managed by three sisters, has a local following.

You may remember them from Gordon Ramsay’s F Word in 2009 when they defeated 10,000 other eateries to be awarded the nation’s Best Local Chinese. A decade later, their home-style food is just as excellent. Famous delicacies include Beijing pork dumplings, sweet and sour chicken, and sizzling fillet steak in a fruity Cantonese-style sauce.

6. The Rice Bowl

The Rice Bowl

The Rice Bowl, located only a short distance from Manchester’s bustling retail shops, is the ideal spot for catching up with friends or feeding a hungry family.

It’s been a neighbourhood favourite since it first opened in the 1960s and is currently owned by the original owner’s niece. Dim sum (available all day) and classic favourites like crispy chilli beef and sizzling chicken in black bean sauce are on the menu.

7. WowYauChow


Chinese cuisine with a twist – WowYauChow is a fantastic Altrincham restaurant that specializes in British-Chinese cuisine with a contemporary street food twist.

The delectable food is complemented by drinks and artisan brews, with loaded fries, bao buns, dumplings, and beef brisket curries. The restaurant has also introduced a terrific bottomless brunch option to please any Asian food enthusiast.

8. Red Chilli

Red Chilli

Red Chilli, which has two locations in Manchester – one in Chinatown and one on Oxford Road – is the place to go if you want Sichuan spice. Don’t be scared off by the profusion of dried chillis and Sichuan peppercorns.

You’ll get hooked to the tongue-tingling heat in no time. If you’re unsure what to eat, Sichuan classics like map tofu and gong bao chicken are beautiful places to start. If you have ever been there, taste Sichuan classics!

9. Jai Vegan

Jai Vegan

Jai Vegan is a terrific place to taste Chinese cuisine without the conventional pig, chicken, beef, and duck selections, whether you’re trying something new or already following a vegan diet.

Jai recreates classic favorites like salt and pepper, Sichuan, dumplings, and lo mein using vegan chicken as the backbone of many recipes – only each meal is mainly designed with vegans in mind.

10. Happy Seasons

Happy Seasons, another China Town favourite, is a terrific place to get authentic Chinese takeout. From seafood and traditional dinners to soups and Dim Sum, there’s something for everyone on the extensive menu (including those new to Chinese food).

Not only that, but the restaurant offers vegetarian cuisine and a variety of set dinners to enjoy with your friends.


With the forthcoming festivities fresh in our minds, we thought now was as good a time as any to guide you in the direction of some of Manchester’s most outstanding Chinese restaurants so you don’t go hungry. Of course, Chinatown is usually the first place you think to go – and with good reason – but there are other fantastic sites farther afield that we’ve put here for posterity. From dim sum to roast meats, hot pots, to hand-stretched noodles, these are the best 10 Chinese restaurants in Manchester to satisfy your appetite for Chinese cuisine. The above list will help you choose the best dining place to enjoy your Chinese meal.

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