How to Cancel Vodafone Contract in UK

How To Cancel Vodaphone Contract

Have you joined Vodaphone recently, or maybe you are an old customer? Perhaps you don’t have any use for your Vodaphone account now. Or else you might want to change to a new and better provider for your mobile network and connection. Whatever the case, this is how to cancel your Vodaphone contract in the UK.

First, there are three ways to cancel your Vodaphone account in the UK. The first one is whether or not you want to keep using the number but only change the network provider. The second one is whether you want a new number and do not want to contract with Vodaphone anymore. And the third one, whether you just want a new Vodaphone contract.

How to Cancel Vodafone Contract

1. Cancellation Using PAC Code Process

Cancellation Using PAC Code Process

The most effortless cancellation procedure is using the PAC code process. If you are switching to a new network, the Pac code or the Poorting authorization code is required. However, you will keep the same mobile number with you while changing the network.

To get the PAC code, you could try the online method by going to the Vodaphone website and then account settings and mobile switching. You could also avail of this method by texting the Vodaphone toll-free number 65075, and you will receive the Vodaphone PAC code as a text on your phone. The third option is to call the Vodaphone number, dial 03333 040 191 from any phone or 191 from your registered Vodaphone mobile number during opening hours. And they will tell you the PAC code on the phone.

Even though you will not need to give prior notice if you are canceling using the PAC code, you might still have to pay fines if you cancel your contract before the minimum term ends. Henceforth, you will be liable to pay an amount accounting for this issue.

2. Cancellation Using STAC Code Process

Cancellation Using STAC Code Process

You could also cancel your Vodaphone contract using the STAC code method. Service Termination Authorisation Code(STAC) will be used when you have decided to change the network provider and will no longer use the previous mobile number. Ofcom regulates both STAC and PAC codes. A considerable advantage of using the STAC method over the PAC method is that Vodaphone will not charge you a fine if you cancel before the minimum tenure but will not be able to set until the date the number was used.

3. The Vodaphone Standard Cancellation

The Vodaphone Standard Cancellation

This method is used if you are joining any other service provider. After you call Vodaphone and tell them that the contract needs to be canceled, they will provide you with a 30 day notice period. During which the customer will need to keep paying the fee that is due or is liable to pay.

However, note that this cancellation process is quite long and tedious, and complicated. The best way would be to cancel using PAC codes and STAC codes. So make sure to think twice before availing of this process to cancel your Vodafone contract.

Request standard cancellation by calling the Vodaphone services on 191 on opening hours. Note, if you cancel within the first 14 days of availing vodaphones contract, you might fall into their cool-off period. Due to this, you might not have to pay the early termination charges.

4. The Early Termination Fees On Vodaphone

The Early Termination Fees On Vodaphone

The minimum terms in the Vodaphone contract vary from a few months to a year. So canceling before the time ends makes it viable to pay their early termination charges. You will need to pay 81% of the remaining dues as clearly termination fee. However, they provide you with a two percent discount and do not charge vat. Make sure you go through Vodaphone’s terms and conditions or talk with one of their agest before paying or availing of these options.

For example

If Your monthly fee is £45 a month, and on top of that, you have six-and-a-half months left till the term ends. You will also have a per month discount of £10. They multiply £35 by six-and-a-half, which gives a total of £227.50, without charging any extra tax, leaving it at £189.58. After this, they take  2% off the figure, which makes your  Early Termination Fee £185.79.

Make sure to check the amount of your early termination fee by dialing INFO to 85075. You will need to pay the early exit fee regardless of whichever process you choose to follow. However, there are ways to escape them by upgrading the number outside of the contract applied to by Vodaphone or by using apps that might increase your network coverage at work or home.

There are alternatives to canceling your Vodaphone contract. Sometimes, the fault does not lie with the network provider but with the sim card or device. Make sure to check your device headset if you think the network is not reaching right. You could try changing the handset to the outside of the network coverage, or if you believe the bill is too high for you, you can look at some of Vodaphone’s other contracts, which will change relatively more minor.

5. Cancellation Due To Poor Coverage

You are canceling contract due to poor coverage and are still liable for early termination fees. Male sure you use alternative options to cancel after the minimum tenure ends, like using Wi-Fi calling while inside the home. Or lodging a file and look at the coverage or network tower nearby.

Make sure to go through Vodaphone’s site while canceling your contract. However, if you wish not to cancel midway, you could always call them and have Vodaphone revoke the cancellation request. Go through all terms and conditions and procedures before you start canceling the contract. Also, if you have any confusion, make sure to call Vodaphone, and an employee will help you through the process. Whereas you could also go directly to the new network provider, you will be employing, and they too might be able to help you with this.

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