How To Cancel EE Contract In UK?

How To Cancel Ee Contract

Did you sign up for me and now don’t want it anymore. Maybe you have no use for your ee now. Alternatively, you might switch to a new and better provider or just try one out. In any case, you need to cancel your ee contract.

What is EE Contract in the UK?

what is ee contract in uk

Ee or Everything Everywhere(ee) is a network provider based in the UK. If you have already got into one of their schemes, you know how famous he is. Ee provided heavy competition by being the country’s second-largest mobile network provider and operator. By a survey in 2021, ee is supposed to have almost 26.1 million subscribers. Ee provides a 4G network in a large area all over the UK and has already launched 5G starting in 2019.

How To Cancel EE Contract?

How To Cancel Your Ee Contract Now

You can cancel your ee contract by logging into your profile or text. The first step is by switching the information. If you cancel your ee contract, you might end up switching service providers. Therefore, you need to cancel before the minimum term ends.

Start by calling 150 from your phone, or you can call 07953966250 from a telephone without ee provided. Otherwise, you could send a text saying info to 85074. The other way to do this is to log in online to your account. There you will find under profile cancellation of ee. Once you request online, you need to give a pin one time, and it will be done. Multiple numbers with ee contracts can also be terminated using the same login account.

After this, the provider will send you a text message to terminate the ee contract and other related information. Any payment you have left will be added up, and you will need to make the payment before canceling your contract.

1. Cancellation Charges

ee cancellation charges

However, like in any contract, there are terms and conditions which apply. A minimum tenure will be written when you use it for the ee contract. Cancellation before that tenure ends makes you liable to a cancellation charge. They will also add the remaining payment amount you need to make but make sure to give you a discount.

The service provider will also take care of this amount and deduct 4 percent on top of this. All remaining dues will be added to the amount you need to pay along with vat.

The service provider will only cancel your ee contract if you manage to pay all the dues before it ends. While canceling, you need to decide whether you want to keep the ee no or get a new one. Suppose you choose not to keep the old number. All calls, outgoing and incoming, will be blocked, and the number will be terminated. However, if you want to keep the number, you must authorize the service transmission code.

You can do this by calling 150 or texting STAC to 75075. However, you can also do this process online from the portal.

2. Make Sure You Know How to Unlock

If you have had an ee contract, that means the provider can lock your phone. Ee providers will lock your phone when you cancel the contract and have not paid your dues. So, to unlock the phone, you need to have it for a minimum of 6 months, pay all that is left and be the primary account holder.

However, if these don’t work for any reason, you can fill out their unlock the phone form. If you have an Apple device: make sure you log in to your account and go to settings under my account. There you will find the unlock your phone option and follow the further instructions.

Most users have other subscriptions with their ee contracts. All the subscriptions will end from smartwatches to TVs and earphones or data discounts once you terminate your contract with the ee service provider. Make sure to save information before they finish the tenure so that any progress has not been lost.

To know about these extra subscriptions and other offers and add ons, make sure to react 150 from your phone, or you can log in to your account, after which you need to go to the menu. Under the menu, there will be an option for plans and add ons, which will make sure the transition is easy and comfortable.

Final bill after the cancellation:

Once the service provider cancels your number, it will take a maximum of 14 days to send you the final bill. You would also be able to this final bill under your account in ee. To access this option, you first need to sign in and then go to the menu from there.

Under the menu, there will be an option for bills and payments and the last bill under that.
If you cancel the contract before the minimum time, the service provider might send you two bills. The second one incurring the charge for early cancellation and the first one for everything else.

How do you cancel your contract within the first 14 days of appointing it? There is another process for cancellation. You need to visit the official ee site and fill in the cancellation, which must be mailed or emailed to them. After which ee will contact you with instructions for further steps.

However, if you have signed an ee contract in-store, you can only cancel it before 14 days if the coverage is not up to your expectations. But keep in mind this contract can only be withdrawn in a store and not by text or online.

To avail of this, make sure to take tour receipts, any gifts, chargers, earphones if included, and the device in good condition.
However, while applying for contact with ee, read all the required documents and only then avail it. Even so, it may be good to try other servers before you stick to your favorite one.

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