Top 10 Dessert Places in London

dessert places london

As one of the world’s restaurant capitals, London is widely recognized for its abundance of dessert places across the city. In our wonderful city, you will discover that almost every cuisine, style, and price is provided, whether you want to eat simple noodles or bite into a big steak replete with triple-cooked potatoes and lashings of béarnaise sauce. However, a new craze has captivated London’s streets in recent years: the growth of dessert places London has & cafes dedicated solely to sweet delicacies.

While we may have recently presented the notion somewhat theatrically, we are rather pleased about the growing popularity of dessert parlors in London. When we go out to dine, we consider our appetizers and main dishes to be just preludes to the unfathomable pleasures of dessert. We suggest that dessert is the most crucial part of any meal, and anyone who disagrees is just incorrect — yeah, this is a hill we’re ready to die on.

Dessert Places London – Top 10 Places To Eat

1. The Freakshake

The Freakshake

Maxwell’s freak shakes are among the most iconic London sweets and are not for the faint of heart. They’re as decadent as they are Instagram-ready, from a salted caramel mixture piled with whipped cream, marshmallows.

And a giant doughnut to seasonal numbers featuring unicorns, Pokemon, and even Spice Girls themes.

2. Knoops


Knoops are a must-have for hot chocolate connoisseurs. At Knoops, you’ll find over 20 different varieties of luxury chocolate from worldwide, including white, ruby, milk, and dark chocolate with differing cocoa levels.

All of the chocolate variations available can convert into hot chocolate, and some can also be transformed into mochas, milkshakes, or iced chocolate beverages. After selecting your chocolate and desired milk, dry spices such as cinnamon or pink pepper can be added, and there are other additions of herbs, fruits, and roots such as orange and lavender to sample.

3. Hans & Gretel

Hans & Gretel

Hans and Gretel are first on my list of the most incredible desserts in London. Hans & Gretel in London conjures up all the delectable delicacies like the classic fable. Admire Hans & Gretel’s enchanting sweet world;

you’ll get a sugar rush simply by entering. Buckets of candy adorn the wall, but the true eye-catchers are their cones filled with exquisite homemade gelato. Try their tiny sweet bubbles, an airy cloud formed from dreams, or their addicting cinnamon fairytale cakes. Your sweet tooth will find it difficult to resist! This dessert place serves some of the best sweets in London, and whether you’re looking for outrageous milkshakes or excellent handmade gelato, you’ll find it here!

4. Bubblewrap


Follow the aroma of freshly cooked waffles along Chinatown’s Wardour Street to Bubblewrap. They are cooked in their unique bubble-shaped burner.

Bubblewrap Waffle reinvented a famous Hong Kong street delicacy and was the first to bring this delectable treat to London. A heated secret ingredient-produced waffle is topped with fresh gelato, fruit, cream, chocolate, birthday cakes, sauce, and biscuits. The Bubblewrap Waffle is a decadent and Instagram-worthy delicacy that often produces limited-edition flavors.

Customers are invited to customize their Bubblewrap with components picked for freshness, aesthetics entirely, and taste. Egg waffles are loaded with your choice of toppings and gelatos. It’s easy to understand why this is a fan favorite on Instagram.

5. Chocolate Bomb at The Ivy Chelsea Garden

Chocolate Bomb at The Ivy Chelsea Garden

This delectable dessert from The Ivy is quite likely to have been on your Instagram feed. The melting chocolate delight (vanilla ice cream and honeycomb center in a chocolate shell melted away by hot salted caramel sauce) is offered at all.

The Ivy Collection locations. However, the Chelsea location is among the most beautiful.

6. The Giant Profiterole: Gloria

The Giant Profiterole Gloria

If the Big Mamma Group knows one thing, it’s how to be flashy, and their first London outlet exemplifies this well. Head to Gloria for this OTT profiterole Napoletana.

A giant puff pastry packed with vanilla gelato and caramelized walnuts and covered with silky dark chocolate.

7. Dolci at Bulgari Hotel London

Dolci at Bulgari Hotel London

What about designer desserts? Please accept our thanks. The elegant Bulgari Restaurant London in Knightsbridge announced a new one-year residency with acclaimed pastry chef and chocolatier Gianluca Fausto in the freshly renovated Bulgari Lounge.

Fausto’s new Dolci menu has mono porzione (single-portion) cakes like the Sicilian with lemon, wild fennel, and Val di Noto almonds, as well as the Maya, Fausto’s hallmark dessert dish of Belizean Tulakalum dark chocolate, sesame seeds, and caramel. Handcrafted chocolates are also available to savor at the hotel or take home.

8. Humble Crumble

Humble Crumble

This incredible market booth in Spitalfields Food Market (East London) is a must-see for everyone who grew up eating apple crumble.

It’s a basic concept, but they’ve made it extraordinary by including burned marshmallows, rose petals, toffee sauce, and other delectable ingredients. This location should not miss! It is undeniably one of London’s most delicious desserts, and it is so unique!

9. The Custard Bun: Bun House

Bun House

The custard bun at Bun House has a cult reputation among food lovers, oozing with a yellow-tinged salted duck egg custard.

The iconic Cantonese-style bun will be served, this time packed with a runny concoction that will have you slurping off every last drop. It’s not quite sweet, not quite savory; it’s a lip-smacking mouthful and one of London’s most cheap sweets.

10. Crème


Crème has to be the gooiest, softest, most delicious American-style cookies. Crème is a dessert store in London’s Soho, led by Executive Chef Damien Leroux, who studied under Alain Ducasse.

Despite their illustrious heritage, these cookies are whimsical and pleasantly comfortable, with top-notch ingredients and adorable packaging.


Get your sweet fix by indulging in some of the incredible dessert places London offers, whether at the end of your dinner or throughout it. If you’re a fan of chocolate, ice cream, or cakes, check out some of these beautiful spots where your sweet craving will be satisfied. Above are 10 of London’s top dessert spots. Good cuisine is easy to come by in London, and sweets are no exception. These are the tastiest dessert venues in London, offering everything from creamy Italian gelato to exquisite couture cakes.

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