Top 10 Best Commuter Towns in London

best commuter towns london

During the coronavirus epidemic, many individuals reassessed where they wanted to live – and the style of home they wanted to live in. For families looking to better their work/life balance, moving out of the city and into the suburbs has become a tempting option– But, if you’re considering relocating, where are the best commuter towns in London?

If you used to go to London regularly, you might now be contemplating working from home partially (or entirely) instead of traveling into the office. Therefore, it may be worth looking at properties a bit farther out of town. We’ve identified the ten best small cities for commuting near London to assist you. Including Eastbourne, Ipswich, Guildford, and Haywards Heath can help you combine life and work responsibilities.

Best Commuter Towns London – Top 10 Commuter Towns

1. Surrey’s Redhill

Surrey's Redhill

First place goes to Redhill, which is part of the London commuter belt and has some great scenery (but is still more inexpensive than many others on our list).

By driving, you can drive to Box Hill (the apex of the North Downs) in 20 minutes and to London in 30.

2. Henley-On-Thames


Henley-on-Thames is well-known for its annual regatta, which takes place in July. Henley on the Thames is a lovely town just outside of London in the county of Oxfordshire for the rest of the year.

Excellent Western Rail services operate to Paddington Station, with a one-hour trip from Henley-on-Thames. Living in Henley-on-Thames is clearly on the more expensive side of commuter towns, but it is well worth the money if you want to set your home in a lovely riverfront setting with a rich history.

3. Park Street

Park Street

It is, in reality, a tiny community rather than a street, located near St Albans, Hertfordshire. Park Street has a railway station that connects to Watford Junction, where you may change trains to go to London. You might also drive to St Alban’s and take the rail to St Pancras.

4. Watford


Watford is a town in Hertfordshire commonly associated with London since the London Overground runs through it, although it is distinct from the city. Commuters suggest it live since it is home to Warner Bros.

Studio Tour (ideal for Harry Potter enthusiasts), Watford F.C., a large retail center, and more. Trains into London are fast and convenient. Euston can reach in 15 minutes from Watford Junction. It’s a little longer on the Overground from Watford High Street, but it still only takes approximately 48 minutes to get to Euston.

5. Bray


What are the best commuter areas near London? This little Berkshire community is ideal for commuters who want to get away from the hustle and bustle of London.

Bray, located on the banks of the Thames, is incredibly scenic and provides lovely waterside views. It is well-known for housing two of the four British famous steak restaurants with three Michelin stars. A ten-minute drive away is Maidenhead railway station, from where there are direct train connections into London Paddington.

6. Amersham

Amersham is a lovely town in Buckinghamshire, on the outskirts of the Chiltern Hills. For commuters, it is a very desirable area to reside, and housing prices have risen quickly in the previous two years.

Direct services operate into London Marylebone, with a trip duration of little more than 30 minutes. Amersham is really near enough to London to use the London Underground network. It locates at the Metropolitan Line terminus; however, overground services to central London are substantially faster. Old Amersham, located inside the town of Amersham, is rich in history and appears like something out of a picture book. The boutiques, ancient timbered taverns, and local eateries are popular with commuters.

7. Hassocks


It takes around 55 minutes to go to London Bridge by rail, which is longer than some other places mentioned, but still not too awful. Trains to London Bridge take 55 minutes.

Hassocks and the surrounding villages have excellent pubs, and there are several possibilities for walking and cycling. Especially when the South Downs is right at your doorstep.

8. Beaconsfield


Looking for a town that is just a 30-minute drive from London? Beaconsfield is another town set in the Chiltern Hills. It’s ideal for commuters who like getting out and about in nature when they’re not at work.

The region is famous for families since it has a friendly local community and excellent schools. Although not as crowded as London, Beaconsfield is a lively town with many pubs, taverns, and restaurants. Chiltern Railways operates a direct service from Beaconsfield to London Marylebone that takes around 30 minutes. The railway station is in Beaconsfield’s new town, while the old city is just a short distance away.

9. Chelmsford


Chelmsford is an Essex city with a reasonably short commute to London and many services nearby. Our first relocation was to Chelmsford, which is around 35 to 40 minutes from Liverpool Street,” one participant stated. A lovely retail center.

Excellent parks. Very well linked. The city is young. Excellent nightlife. Everything is close, including the countryside. You should find a suitable apartment or home within walking distance of everything you need. You may take the train to Liverpool Street in London from Chelmsford station.

10. Cambridge


Where can you locate the most significant commuter towns near London? Cambridge is more than 60 miles from Central London, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a popular place to reside for commuters.

Excellent Northern train services from Cambridge to London King’s Cross take about 50 minutes, making it a manageable commute. The town offers many open spaces, beautiful residences, and a lively center. Living in Cambridge is far less expensive than living in Central London or any other commuter town, but remember to factor in the cost of train travel if you are contemplating relocating to the city.


Whether you’re thinking of moving out of London and commuting to work, there are a few things you should think about before determining if it’s worth it. Living outside in these best commuter towns in London is often significantly less expensive, and your money goes farther in terms of more significant properties and more room. However, consider the transport expense, since season tickets into the capital aren’t always inexpensive.

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