Top 20 Work From Home Jobs in London

work from home jobs london

Recently due to the current pandemic situation, work from home jobs have greatly influenced the working scenario. You can easily do all the work directly from your homes. There are several opportunities to work from home with amazing salaries available currently. Moreover, working from home reduces stress as well as cuts down commute time. The wider opportunities along with enhanced productivity make work from home jobs a preferable option. In the United Kingdom, people are rapidly shifting to remote jobs. For your convenience, we have listed down the top 20 work from home jobs available in London.

Work From Home Jobs London –  Top 20 Jobs

1. Transcriptionist


The role includes typing the audios in a written format. The skillset includes good typing skills and the salary may vary according to the experience. You can earn on an hourly basis. On average, you can earn around £10 per hour during entry-level jobs.

2. Content Creator

Content Creator

Content creators are the need for creating online or printable content for online media, televisions, or other platforms. The skillset requires good command of language along with creative skills to think of new business ideas. Content creator jobs also demand good experience in writing. One can expect to earn around £20000 initially.

3. Graphic Designer

Graphic Designer

The graphic designer’s role includes the creation of visuals to engage customers. Usually, any of the products requires visual branding to influence the customers for making the purchase. The skills require good artistic and creative skills. A graphic designer can expect to earn up to £30000 initially.

4. Bookkeeping

Generally, their responsibilities include accounting and maintaining financial transactions. The only skill you require is accounting. You can earn up to £25000 on average.

5. Childcare Provider

Childcare provider

A childcare provider is accountable for caring for a child. However, you should have done an approved training course to be suitable for this job. You can earn on an hourly basis. It may vary from £6-£10 hourly.

6. Translator


The role of a translator includes the translation of files that is sent by a client. You need to have fluency in at least two languages. In some jobs, you also require certain specialization in that field. You can earn around £25000 annually.

7. Market Analyst

Market Analyst

The role of a market analyst includes researching and analyzing the current marketing strategies with the help of surveys or interviews. You can earn on an hourly basis ranging up to £50.

8. Web Developer

Web Developer

Web developer’s role includes designing an appealing site for a business or any organization. You need to be skilled in coding. You also need t to be well qualified so that there is a greater chance of being hired. The average annual can range up to £50000.

9. Social Media Manager

Social Media Manager

A social media manager is responsible for managing and preparing a strategy for the growth of engagement of a business or organization on social medial platforms. Social media promotions are a very important part in the growth of any business. Hence, every business requires a social media manager to manage the customers’ engagement with suitable strategies. You can expect to earn up to £30000 initially.

10. Technical Analyst

Technical Analyst

The role of a technical analyst includes handling technical issues of a customer and assisting them with technical support. Also, you need to have a degree in the same field. The average annual salary can range up to £30000.

11. Surveyor


You just have to take surveys. Usually, no experience is required for this job. This job can work as an additional source of income for you. The earnings can vary accordingly.

12. Financial Analyst

Financial Analyst

The responsibility of a financial advisor includes suggesting the clients about financial issues including pensions, income tax, insurances etc. You are required to have a specialized degree in finance. Annually, you can earn around £40000 at the entry-level. Also, your earnings can vary according to the experience you hold.

13. Online Teaching

Online Teaching

There are several online education platforms available that require skilled online teachers for various subjects. The skills include specialization in that particular subject. The income from online teaching is very good and you can expect to earn on an hourly basis which can range from £15-£20 per hour.

14. Event Management

Event Management

The responsibility of an event manager includes the maintenance of catering services, location, transportation services during an event. A good experience increases your chances of hiring for this job. The average annual salary at the entry-level can vary up to £20000.

15. Franchise Owner

Franchise Owner

Simply, you need to buy a franchise from an already established business so you can trade through its name. The earning varies according to the franchise bought.

16. Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant is typically a personal assistant who works from home. A VA can be assigned a range of tasks. The job demands good communication skills and other skills depending on the services. The initial salary can range from £25000-£30000.

17. Customer Service

The role of a customer service representative includes handling the complaints and queries of customers. There are part-time jobs also available in this type of job. However, this job demands good communication skills. You can expect to earn around £20000 annually.

18. Travel Agent

Travel Agent

Travel agents are responsible for guiding and arranging the tour for the tourists. You should need to have a degree in tourism to be suitable for this job. You can expect around £20000 annually.

19. Internet Security Specialist

This job is going to be one of the most demanding in the future. The responsibility of the internet security specialist includes monitoring of the company’s data against security threats. Also, t guides what security measures could be taken to avoid any data theft or hacking. You can expect to earn around £30000 annually.

20. Copy Writing

Copy Writing

Copy Writing is one of the most demanding jobs whose role includes writing copies for a business. However, you should have good writing skills along with good typing skills. You can earn on an hourly basis. It may vary accordingly.


We hope you find this article helpful in finding out the best work from home jobs for you in London.

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