What is a GRO Number on a Birth Certificate?

what is a gro number on a birth certificate

Have you ever come across the term “GRO Number” on a birth certificate and wondered what it means? Well, look no further, as we have got you covered. In this blog post, we will be discussing everything you need to know about GRO Numbers, from their definition to their importance. We will also cover how to find your own GRO Reference Number and where you can access it. Additionally, we will explain the benefits of having a GRO Number and provide some tips on how to remember it easily. So whether you are a new parent or simply curious about this unique number, keep reading to discover all there is to know about GRO Numbers.

What is the GRO Number?

What is the GRO Number

The GRO Number is a unique nine-digit number assigned to every birth certificate. This number is used to identify an individual in health records and other government databases. Still, it is not linked to any personal information such as name, address, or date of birth. The GRO Number cannot be used for identification purposes and is not displayed on the birth certificate. Its primary use is for record-keeping and statistical analysis purposes by the General Register Office (GRO) in the United Kingdom. Keeping the GRO Number safe is essential as it helps you obtain a copy of your birth certificate from the UK government’s official website.

What Does a GRO Number Look Like?

What Does a GRO Number Look Like

A GRO number is a unique nine-digit number that appears on a birth certificate and is used to identify an individual for government identification, health insurance or other purposes. The GRO number helps to avoid confusion between individuals with similar names and dates of birth. If you are unsure if you have been assigned a GRO number or not, you can contact the Department of Vital Statistics in your state.

If you do not have a GRO number, you can apply for one by contacting the state department of vital statistics. It’s important to note that GRO numbers are not recorded permanently and can be changed at any time. So, always keep track of your GRO number, as it will come in handy while dealing with important documents or even when opening bank accounts.

Why GRO Number is Important?

Why GRO Number is Important

The GRO number plays a vital role in tracking births and deaths, as it helps the government maintain accurate records of the population. Employers and health insurance providers use this number to verify an individual’s identity, particularly when looking up their medical or employment history.

The GRO number is not available on hospital or medical records, making it unique to the birth certificate. It is important to note that the GRO number should be kept confidential since it can be used along with other identifying information on a birth certificate to confirm an individual’s identity. Thus, ensuring that your birth certificate is stored safely and securely at home is essential.

How to Find Your GRO Reference Number?

How to Find Your GRO Reference Number

Your GRO reference number can also be used to obtain other government documents, such as your driver’s license or social security card. Furthermore, the GRO reference number can be helpful when researching family history.

If you have misplaced your birth certificate and need to find the GRO reference number, you can contact the government agency that issued it. They will help you locate the necessary information so that you can use it for various purposes. Knowing your GRO reference number can save time and hassle when filling out forms or applying for government services, so make sure to keep it handy!

Where Can I Access My GRO Reference Number?

Where Can I Access My GRO Reference Number

The government uses the GRO reference number to track tax and social security payments and other benefits due to an individual. If you need to know your GRO reference number, it can be obtained from your local Social Security office or by searching online. You can also obtain a copy of your birth certificate, including your GRO reference number. It’s important to keep your GRO reference number safe and confidential since it’s used for important purposes by the government.

What Are the Benefits of a GRO Reference Number?

What Are the Benefits of a GRO Reference Number

It offers numerous benefits, such as increased security, faster and easier access to government services, and increased accuracy. You may need to provide your GRO number to complete the process when applying for a loan, enrolling in education, or accessing health care. Additionally, a GRO number is useful for tracking an individual’s life story. Obtaining a GRO number is simple – just request it from your local Vital Statistics office. The benefits of having a GRO number on your birth certificate are many, so it’s worth getting one if you don’t already have it on your certificate.

Tips for Remembering Your GRO Reference Number

Tips for Remembering Your GRO Reference Number

Your GRO reference number is crucial information used on official documents, including your driver’s license, birth certificate, and social security card. Always keep your GRO reference number handy to identify yourself when required. If you change your name or address, be sure to update the government offices with the relevant information. Remember to report any loss or damage to your documents immediately. Following these tips will ensure that you always have access to important documentation when needed.


The GRO number is a unique reference number assigned to England and Wales’s birth, marriage or death registration. This helps keep track of important records used for various legal and administrative purposes. Knowing your GRO number can save you time and money when ordering certificates or researching family history. You can find your GRO reference number on the original certificate or by searching through the online indexes available on the GRO website. Don’t forget to make a note of your GRO number, as it will be required for any future searches or orders.

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