10 Things to Do in Manchester

things to do in manchester

The city of Manchester is the commercial capital of Lancashire. It makes the metropolitan county of Greater Manchester along with the Salford and eight other municipalities and is home to around three million people. For those who seek solace in gallivanting in art galleries, museums, and eateries, Manchester is a perfect choice. The rich historical and cultural heritage that it showcases fascinates the art lovers and travelers to visit the place and make the best of the Red Mills turned to art galleries and the Victorian markets developed into large food halls. Being the most populous city in northwest England, the site has ample restaurants, iconic clubs, and live theatres that successfully have made Manchester famous globally.

Here we have gathered a few activities and the best past times to make the most of your visit while you are in Manchester, England. The things to do in Manchester are-

Best Things To Do in Manchester

1. Check Out the Record Stores to Treat Your Musical Senses

Musical Sense

If you are a lover of music then the famous record stores in Manchester are the spots you should be at. The famous eastern bloc, Piccadilly records, and Vinyl Exchange are independent records stores that offer an immense supply of good tunes in the city. With the huge record collections, these stores are world-famous. The kingbee records in Chorlton have made it big with their rare albums that cannot be found easily. There is a regular clientele for them who come all the way from New York City to visit. With such fame, these record stores are a perfect addition to your itinerary.

2. Craft Beer Is All You Need to Refresh the Mood

Refresh the Mood

You cannot miss sampling the finest craft beer in Manchester as the city is famous for its production of craft beer. A few minutes’ walks from Piccadilly Gardens can take you to the haven of specialty bars like Piccadilly Tap, Port Street Beer House, and Beer Moth. There are also bars run by local brewers like Seven Bro7thers Bar in Ancoats, Smithfield Market Tavern of blackjack Brewery, and the Marble Arch pub on Rochdale Road are must-try spots to loosen up a bit and explore amazing beers.

3. Surprise The Book Lover in You with The Best of The Reads

Read books in Manchester

If you love being surrounded by books and looking out for a good read while gallivanting the streets of Manchester, the Central Library of Manchester is the place that will take your heart. The building that went through a 4 year-long renovation that took a whopping 50 million Pounds, is a treat for the eyes for its outstanding architecture. Securing enormous literary gems there are many other libraries to check out in Manchester too, like the Chetham’s, displaying the ancient books in the backdrop of Hogwarts like humongous woody rooms. Victorian Gothic John Rylands Library on Deansgate and the Portico Library is next in line to include in the things to do in Manchester.

4. Walking Down to China Town

Walking down to China Town

You cannot miss the interesting arched gateway, Pagoda, of the China Town where dwells the largest Chinese community of Britain, serving numerous sumptuous delicacies of cities like Beijing and Hong Kong. The place offers a range of Chinese handicrafts, artwork, and souvenirs at the Centre of Contemporary Chinese Art (CFCCA). Treat yourself and change the setting by being in Chinese supermarkets, restaurants, bakeries, and businesses.

5. Watch the Performances in the Theatres that are Best in the UK

theatres in manchester

With the newest and fearless performance art, striking musicals, and UK’s best theatres, it would be a sin to not experience the magic. HOME, Hope Mill Theatre, Royal Exchange, Gulliver’s & Frog, and Bucket are a few that can keep you entertained and thrilled in your journey. Resembling the spaceship from the outside and interestingly strange interiors make The Royal Exchange a must-visit theatre to add to your list.

6. Make Your Evening Musical with the Hottest Bands at YES

Evening musical bands

Manchester is home to the likes of The Smiths, Chemical Brothers, Oasis, Take That, and M People, when it comes to bands of various genres. You have got to catch at least one live gig to soak in the musical air of the place like YES which is the newest music venue making a lot of buzzes, quite literally. Dancing away a night in the tunes of a live band will only make your trip the most memorable one.

7. Check the Haven of Football Lovers-The National Football Museum

The National Football Museum

Being in Manchester and not experiencing the thrills of behind the scenes of Football at NFM cannot be imagined. The sleeping Beckham work of art by Sam Taylor Wood, the 1966 world cup ball and Maradona’s 1986 “Hand of God” T-Shirt are the biggest tourist attractions for those who breathe and live football. Learning the history of this beautiful game, testing your skills, and shopping the merchandise from here is highly recommended.

Art gallery in manchester

The oldest collection dating back to 1889 and with over 55000 artworks, the Whitworth art gallery makes it to the list of top attractions of Manchester, England. The gallery holds modern artworks and sculptures, collections of watercolors, textiles, and wallpapers. Picasso, Van Gogh, and Francis Bacon’s work can be found to soothe your eyes. There are events and fun activities too for individuals and families along with shops and a café at Whitworth.

9. Cram Your Instagram with Pictures of the Canals of Castlefield

Instagram with pictures

To calm your senses and immerse in the awe of exploring Manchester, a walk along the canals of Castlefield that showcase the restored Victorian houses and reconstructed Roman fort on the sides. Constructed in 1761 the Bridgewater Canal is a must-visit. It was used to transport coal from mines at Worsley to Manchester. The warehouses that spread on the sides of the Canal are now beautiful restaurants, shops, hotels, and offices that are Instagram- ready.

10. Reach out to Beach Road for the Best Cafes and Shops

Beach Road cafes and shops

From the suburb of Chorlton take the beech road to relax and check out the spread of cutely placed cafes, steak restaurants, and shops. A bloody merry and Brioche bun breakfast burger will give you the right kick under the sheltered terrace of The Launderette. To wind up the perfect day do not miss the Chorlton Water Park that is just a walk from here, to have a picnic.


The City has so much to offer to everyone who visits. The list goes on but these above mentioned are the top 10 things to do in Manchester, England that will make your visit the most memorable one.

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