5 Team-Building Activities Your Coworkers Will Enjoy

team building activities

‘Team-building’ is a term we’ve all heard right since childhood and continue to hear in our workplace.

The former may have been something we all enjoyed, however the latter paints an unappealing picture for us – some HR event that is mandatory for all, with uninterested employees waiting for it to get over.

Let’s not be prejudiced by these as team-building activities can be enjoyable as long as you know the right ones for your team.

From improving communication to strengthening bonding between employees, it’s an excellent way to improve productivity in the workplace and if you’re looking for activities for team building in Leicester or wherever you stay, that your workers will actually enjoy, we’ve got you covered.

Team Building Activities

Here’s a list of our favorite activities for outdoor corporate events and team building that companies can use. Let’s take a look!

1. Try A Compliment Circle

Expressing admiration for a colleague’s work ethics or skills is something they’ll truly appreciate. If you’re looking to address animosity between colleagues or simply build a better relationship between them, a compliment circle is one of the simplest and best ways to do so.

While there may be many variations of this activity, the basic thing you could do is have the employees sit in a circle and compliment the person next to them on any work-related matter.

You could also have everyone in the circle complement one employee at a time so that everyone can express their thoughts about a particular person.

2. Play Team / Board Games

Play Team Board Games

While this has the potential to become a little controversial/aggressive, there are many office-friendly options that everyone can try out. Board games, especially ones with teams, have the opportunity to bring people together and for your team-building activities, it’s an idea that everyone should definitely consider.

From something simple like Heads Up to the iconic Jenga, there are numerous games that you can consider. Additionally, compared to the old-school boring activities for a corporate day, these are certainly much more fun and something everyone will enjoy.

3. Host A Scavenger Hunt

Another idea to add to your list of team-building activities is a scavenger hunt. Especially great for new employees to understand their office, hosting a scavenger hunt can give them insights into the company and the work culture in the best way possible.

You could divide all the employees into teams and have them compete to build a little friendly competition between them. You could hide clues regarding the company to also imbibe the new hires with the values of the organization. To make things fun, you can have a gift hidden in the office that goes to the winning team.

4. Host A Talent Show

Host A Talent Show

Every employee has hidden talents that might not come to light in the hectic working environment. The best way to uncover this and improve team communication and bonds is to host a talent show.

With all the employees gathered together, you need not have a trade show and instead make it relevant – something like showcasing their skills. From something fun to technical skills, don’t keep any limitations to let your employees shine. With everyone watching each other, there’s a chance that people may learn new skills.

5. Go Out For A Meal

Go Out For A Meal

Sometimes, the simplest things can be one of the most effective ways to improve relations with food being one of the best ways to achieve this. Team dinners or lunches are important as it allows employees to get together in a stress–free environment and work on improving relations with each other.

Food has always been one of the best ways to bring people together, Making employee meals is a great idea that everyone should consider. If you wish to switch things up a bit, make a cooking class for employees. On other hand, you can go to fun restaurants with your team. As it will be more engaging and something different from the usual.

To Sum Up

While we’ve listed out only a few of our favorite team-building activities that employees will enjoy, you can get creative and find something suitable that works better for your employees. The point here is to find something fun and different from the usual activities that employees detest and opt for something more engaging and fun that they all can enjoy.

By putting your employees together in such an atmosphere, you nurture bonding and relationships between them while also providing the opportunity for better productivity amongst them.

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