Fun Restaurants in London – Top 10 Fun Places in the City

fun restaurants in london

Visitors and locals who think they’ve “seen it all” can find plenty of new and exciting dining options in London. Lines form around the block whenever a new pop-up or an out-of-the-box concept appears. This charming city offers a lot, from ping pong cafés to full-fledged circus performance extravaganzas.

Do you want to eat in the dark? Or how about karaoke to your heart’s content? Or maybe you’d instead enjoy a sumptuous spread of contemporary European cuisine while listening to someone else perform. In London, there are so many exciting places to dine. With Brexit, climate change, and the coronavirus, we need to have fun wherever and wherever we can, even at dinner time. There’s nothing wrong with serious cuisine served by serious chefs, extensive menus of challenging items, and decent plates and glasses, but now and then, you need a dinner that’s so absurd that you don’t know where to look. So, if you prefer fun-dining to fine-dining, this top 10 Fun Restaurants in London list will urge you to make the most of this beautiful city and clear your calendar to see them all.

Fun Restaurants in London – Top 10 Fun Places in the City

1. Rainforest Cafe

Rainforest Cafe

Take your kids to the Rainforest Cafe, one of London’s most entertaining eateries. Children are enthralled by the sounds of waterfalls, lightning, rain, and the sightings of animals and actual tropical fish.

This family restaurant near Piccadilly Circus and the West End’s numerous theatres, shops, and attractions provides a two-course kids menu and activity kits. Rainforest Café, a global family favourite, is a delightful steak restaurant with a devoted following. When you go to the Amazon jungle, you’ll see it in its glory, with giant ferns, animatronic animals like elephants and gorillas, and frequent but rain-free “thunderstorms.” Rainforest Cafe is an excellent place for families because it has American Diner-style food and a lot of options for kids to keep them from looking at the real animals in the rainforest and the beautiful waterfalls hidden in the trees.

2. Heston Blumenthal

Heston Blumenthal

Dinner by Heston Blumenthal, a two-Michelin-starred restaurant that’s frequently ranked one of the top restaurants in the world, is a bizarre gastronomic experience.

The celebrity chef draws inspiration from Britain’s rich culinary past, as seen by the iconic Meat Fruit appetizer, which has chicken parfait disguised as a clementine.

3. Playa


You will be able to eat Latin American-inspired cuisine and drink açai cosmopolitans, but you’ll also be treated to a spectacular evening of entertainment at Playa in Marylebone. Weeklong workshops and live music events are all possible.

4. Vintage Tube Train Car

Vintage Tube Train Car

It turns out that this is the ideal special occasion dessert. People celebrate anniversaries, enjoy a fantastic date night out, or try something new. It is at the top of our list of exciting places for a fine-dining supper club for a reason.

5. Sketch


Sketch elevates dining and drinking to a whole new level, with many places at its base on Regent Street that are among London’s top eateries.

The most challenging decision is between the three Michelin-starred Lecture Room, the woodland-themed Glade, the brasserie-style Gallery, and The Parlour, an unusual bakery, restaurant, and bar.

6. Ballie Ballerson Shoreditch

Ballie Ballerson Shoreditch

Ballie Ballerson is undeniably one of London’s best party restaurants, and the crew behind it is a fun night extraordinaire. This eatery is genuinely one-of-a-kind, with its ball pit, strange drinks, excellent pizza, and a crazy bottomless brunch.

7. Circus


Dine on pan-Asian cuisine in Circus’ contemporary dining area, designed by British designer Tom Dixon. Dinner pairs with numerous surprise cabaret and circus performances march across the tables at this Covent Garden restaurant, so it’s not just about eating and drinking.

8. The Windmill

The windmill

Book a table at The Windmill in Soho for a theatrical dining experience that includes a fine-dining feast crafted by Michelin-starred chef Andrew Mcleish and mesmerizing live acts ranging from cabaret to music, magic, and burlesque.

It is experiential eating like no other, and the drinks, with names like Free the Tipple and Because they Can-Can, are as interesting.

9. The Courtesan

The Courtesan

Not only does The Courtesan serve a tempting array of dumplings stuffed with wasabi king prawns, mushrooms, deep-fried sea bass, and more, but it also hosts some captivating Burlesque shows.

Courtesan Lates pays tribute to foreign inspirations like the diversified food, so be prepared for a heady swirl of enjoyment. In the busy heart of Brixton, Courtesan is a trendy Dim Sum restaurant, tea rooms, and late-night cocktail bar. They are known for their inventive and fresh Dim Sum cuisine and distinctive narrative style, which the fabled courtesans of Ancient China inspired.

10. Inamo


This Asian fusion restaurant in Covent Garden has a groundbreaking interactive ordering system projected onto the table, making it one of London’s trendiest eateries. At Inamo, you can order from a 3D menu, and pick from a variety of virtual tablecloths.

Learn about the neighborhood, and even book a cab home, all from the comfort of your seat. They serve Japanese, Chinese, and Thai restaurants food at tables that are fun to use. People can walk to Piccadilly, Leicester Square, Tottenham Court Road, Covent Garden, and China Town. TimeOut has also voted them the best brunch in Central London, where they are based.


Sometimes you want to have a nice, low-key dinner for two at a quiet, romantic restaurant. However, there are times when you want to wake up the following day with hazy memories of singing karaoke in a noodle bar’s basement. In your wallet, you have the receipt for smoked python carpaccio in your pocket and a mystery card from a game of poker you played after drinking your beers. While the city is replete with locations to have a fancy slap-up lunch, a typical evening of wining and dining isn’t enough. Even if it’s just a funny cuisine or an unusual atmosphere, we want supper with a show nowadays.. We’ve put together this top 10 Fun Restaurants in London list of exciting eateries in London, ranging from New York-style diners to South American pubs.

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