Seafood Bars London – Top 10 Bars for Tasting Seafood

seafood bars london

When trawling London, it might seem like there aren’t many fish in the water. Good seafood is difficult to get, but it’s perhaps the most delectable thing you can put in your mouth when it’s done well. We did the right thing and cast a broad net, eating everything to narrow down the best. From fish and chips to Michelin-starred must-sees to sushi, London is your oyster with this list. Go fishing.

Seafood Bars London – Top 10 Bars for Tasting Seafood

Let’s have a look at the top 10 of the best seafood Bars in London.

1. The Melusine

The Melusine

The Melusine is the closest thing in London to feeling transported to the seashore while feasting on seafood.

On a lovely day at St. Katharine Docks, the lapping water and tinkling of boat rigging may fool you into thinking you’re anywhere in the Mediterranean. You’re almost there with a bottle of white wine and a couple of The Melusine’s deliciously fresh seafood dishes.

2. Angler


It is a huge fish in a vast pond, with Michelin-starred meals, attractive looks, and a city clientele. But be warned: a lunch here will set you back an arm and a leg.

The South Place Hotel’s clean and airy dining area, located on the seventh story, provides panoramic views of the city. At the same time, the menu offers picture-perfect plates inspired flavor combinations: think grilled octopus with taramasalata, Linzer potatoes, red wine bang cauda, or cod with girolles, new season garlic, and line-caught squid.

3. SeaSons

The firm is likewise concerned with the origins of its seafood, altering the menus every three months to ensure that it is as fresh and seasonal as possible.

SeaSons is a West London fish and seafood restaurant with sites in Chelsea, Bayswater, Kensington, Notting Hill, Fitzrovia, and Mayfair. Each bistro-style steak restaurant offers a variety of fishy takes on traditional foods, such as an octopus burger, fish parmigiana, and a fish charcuterie board.

4. Beast


Goodman Restaurants’ third London location may be considered the genetically blessed progeny of its predecessors – Goodman’s three steakhouses and Burger & Lobster. It takes the surf ‘n’ turf idea to absurdly costly new heights while remaining true to the original premise.

Sit at candlelight banqueting tables and feast on Norwegian king crabs (£120/kg) and Maine lobsters, followed by rib-eye, sirloin, chateaubriand, porterhouse steaks, and finished with luxurious extras. Then you may go home and worry about your money.

5. Parsons

The adjective that best describes Covent Garden’s Parsons is understated. It’s easy to overlook the modest seafood restaurant run by the same crew that owns the 10 Cases across the street, but walk inside, and you’ll be rewarded with some delectable cuisine.

Parsons has a cheerful demeanor, setting the tone with green and white fishmonger-style tiles. We like the potted shrimp croquettes and salt cod fritters.

6. Bentley’s Oyster Bar & Grill

Bentley's Oyster Bar & Grill

Bentley’s is clued-up West End shoppers, and theatergoers supplement an old-school Mayfair institution whose regular client base of expense accounters.

On the one hand, it’s buzzing and bustling (the downstairs bar) and restrained and upmarket (upstairs in the old-school restaurant). Despite its premium costs and high-end ingredients, the cuisine is fiercely unpretentious, with powerful flavors and tried-and-tested classics triumphing over finicky presentation. Don’t miss the oysters — the team shucks around 1,000 each day, with more when local oysters are in season.

7. Sweetings


Traditionalists rejoice: Sweetings’ time-warp vibe will take you back in time. This old-timer is situated in Mansion House and has a somewhat pub-like appearance. Don’t be deceived.

The meal is far from bar fare. There are many alternatives, from sumptuous dishes of oysters and crab for appetizers to mains of grilled, poached, or fried fish.

8. Bibendum Oyster Bar

Bibendum Oyster Bar

The oyster bar on the ground level of a landmark South Kensington building (formerly the headquarters of Michelin tyres) offers a more economical alternative to the two Michelin-starred restaurants above, now presided over by Claude Bosi.

It’s busy and clattery down here, so you can wander about admiring the drawings and painted tiles depicting Michelin’s history without feeling weird. For residents, a short lunch normally consists of a plate of shellfish and a glass of champagne, although hot meals such as fish soup, chili crab, and lobster linguine, and plain old fish and chips are also wonderful.

9. Behind


Hackney’s Behind has swiftly been recognized as one of London’s greatest seafood locations after receiving a Michelin star in 2021 after only being open for 20 days.

Andy Beynon, Jason Atherton’s ex-development chef, oversees the chef’s table restaurant, which features an eight-course tasting menu centered on sustainably sourced fish. However, reservations should make well in advance since there are only 18 places at the table, and they fill up rapidly.

10. Bonnie Gull Seafood Shack

Bonnie Gull Seafood Shack

This hearty little restaurant on Soho’s Bateman Street (emphasis on ‘small’ – there’s a counter bar in front, a locker-sized table area out back, and that’s about it) is the elegant younger brother of a Fitzrovia original, a sea of marble in place of tatty nautical.

Food on the menu is limited but well-executed, with dishes ranging from crab rarebit and scallops with green tomato, bacon, and gin to Newlyn grey mullet with ‘nduja peperonata large bowls of bouillabaisse. Evidence that everything is better down where it’s wetter.


It’s easy to overlook how fortunate we are in the UK to have some of the best seafood available just on our doorstep. Because the British coastlines are home to a diverse range of fish, restaurants may get high-quality, fresh seafood more readily than many other forms of product. Therefore, it seems that Britain is well-known for its fish cooking. From highly renowned Michelin-starred chefs like Nathan Outlaw and Tom Brown’s fish restaurants to the adorable chippies found in almost every town in the nation, the UK has wonderful seafood at all levels. The good news for us city dwellers is that some of the country’s top seafood eateries are in the nation’s capital. London cooks are spoiled for choice with Billingsgate Market on their doorstep, making the real capital heaven for superb fish restaurants. Above we’ve compiled a list op top 10 of the best seafood Barsin London. We Hope it helps.

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