How To Cancel O2 Contract in UK?

How To Cancel O2 Contract

Have you joined o2 recently, or maybe you are an old customer? Perhaps you don’t have any use for your ee account now. Or else you might want to change to a new and better provider for your mobile network and connection. Whatever may be the case, this is how to cancel your o2 contract in the UK.

So, What Is O2?

O2 is a UK-based British telecommunication service provider. Its headquarters are in slough and is owned by virgin media and o2. A fifty-fifty joint venture of both companies, liberty global, and Telefonica. However, o2 has 31.8 million users as of 2021.

How To Cancel O2 Contract?

How To Cancel the Contract in o2

Before you leave o2, if you would like some changes or want to hear about the options available, you could do so by calling 202, which would be cost-free from your o2 phone. However, if you would like to cancel the o2 contract, a minimum of 30 days is expected from all users.

However, canceling in the middle of the year will make you viable to early cancellation charges, and you might have to pay the total amount which is due. So it would be better to give a 30 days notice and then cancel your contract instead of doing it in the midterm.

O2 also gives you the option to terminate either the airtime plan or device plan if you have been a user for 24 months minimum. If, however, you wish to cancel both of these contracts, you will have to pay the amount due in total, and they will cancel it for you.

What Is Pac Code, And Do You Need It?

What Is Pac Code

However, switching to another network means you will need a PAC code. A PAC code or a porting authorization code is required if you want to have the same number but switch to a different service provider. To get this code, you need to text 65075, a toll-free number, and you will be given the code in a maximum of 30 seconds. However, make sure to pay the remaining dues before you decide to switch to another network.

After you file the request for the contract to end, it will be terminated within 30 days. However, if you change your mind about this midway, you can call them and ask them not to end your o2 contract. The PAC code, which you will need to apply for if you want to keep using your phone, will be valid for a maximum of 30 days. So after you finish switching to a new network, o2 will automatically cancel your previous contract.

However, keep in mind you need to keep your direct debit till you finish paying the dues, so under no circumstances should your cancel it. If you cancel it by mistake, o2 will call you, and subsequently, you will have to make the payment for the remaining dues.

You could all check how much is left for you to pay in the o2 app. Just log in and go to my account, payments, and bills. The bill would be there.

O2 Refresh Users

The process is a bit different if you have an o2 refresh contract. Under an o2 refresh contract, the early cancellation charges are additional. O2 refresh customers are not charged an early termination fee for the airtime contract. Under this, the bill will only contain the outside accounts you have made before the cancellation. However, if you cancel the airtime contract, you will still need to pay the total amount of dues before it gets withdrawn.

And Those Without O2 Refresh Contracts

For those not having the refresh contract, the usual term for which your contract will last is between 1, 18, or 24 months; therefore, your bill will also include all extra charges before cancellation. And the important thing is that you will have to pay the early cancellation fee here.

The Early Cancellation Charges Are As Given Below

The Early Cancellation Charges in o2

The total amount of monthly airtime charge is added to the discounts you have been offered, including all tax. On this total, a charge of 4% is given to and added to get the total amount you will have to pay.

However, the o2 will not show you the dues if your contract gets canceled before that. After that, the best place to check it would be through the online site. Go to any browser and search for the o2 area. You will need to login in here, after which the account will open. Go to my account and then payments and recharge to see the amount of due you have left.

An Example Of How Much It Will Cost You

If you are leaving after six months while being on a 12-month contract, it will cost you around £126.96 Including the four percent charge and taxes. At the same time, canceling after nine months while being on a 12 monthly contract will cost you £43.20, including a 4 percent charge and all taxes. So keep in mind it can actually cost you more than what it should if you cancel the midterm. Hence the wise decision would be to cancel in the last 30 days of the remaining term.

We encourage you to try other service providers if you are not comfortable with o2 or might be having a few problems. But remember, once you cancel, getting another contract then and there, if in any case, you would want to return, would be a big problem. So think before canceling your o2 contract. Also, make sure to call them if you change your mind mid-cancellation by any chance.

Make sure to pay all your dues before canceling; otherwise, the cancellation process will not occur. Also, if you do not have some immediate reason for canceling, we suggest waiting and canceling the contract as and when it ends and not mid-term as that might have a negative effect, and you will have to pay more than you have used.

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