Top 10 Best Mexican Food Restaurants in London

mexican food restaurants

While London outperforms most other major cities in terms of the diversity and accuracy of regional cuisines on offer, it’s no surprise that the capital lacks quality Mexican food. Until recently, at least, it was difficult to find alternatives that didn’t build from a Build-A-Bear-style assortment of rubbery cheese and watery ‘guacamole.’

All of this indicates that London is just now starting to compete with major American cities in Mexican cuisine. The weather may be harsh, but the intense flavors may take you to Mexico’s bright, lime-scented coastlines for a brief period. Browse the list of the top 10 best Mexican food restaurants in London. So, put down your stringy cheese and foil-wrapped burritos and visit one of the best Mexican food London has to offer and are listed below.

Best Mexican Food Restaurants in London

1. La Bodega Negra Café

La Bodega Negra Café

Would you instead go to a café than a restaurant? Perhaps it’s the grunge feel, the Latin style, or the sepia cinematic role? Everything about La Bodega Negra is a perfect portrayal of a Mexican shop.

If you prefer the latter, La Bodega Negra faithfully gives its second card, an authentic Mexican experience at its other “restaurant.” La Bodega Negra boasts a menu of delights that seem to have been carried from Mexico, although cooked in the central kitchen. This café is one of the top Mexican restaurants in Soho, London.

2. Casa Morita

Casa Morita

Casa Morita’s menu is brief but delicious, and it is housed in Brixton’s famous Market Row, a genuine treasure trove of very affordable, brilliantly good eateries.

It’s also worth ordering the tasting menu to guarantee you don’t miss out on any of the culinary gems on offer, a tragedy if ever we heard one. The drinks are also reasonably priced and satisfyingly deadly. Remember to spare space for a piece of chili chocolate cake no matter how full you are.

3. Wahaca

A Mexican restaurant and market company that serves everything fresh. And believes in helping gamey, lemony, and “sabroso,” or full of taste and flavor.

Wahaca, a phonetic spelling of the Mexican state of Oaxaca, is a fast-food restaurant brand with locations around the United Kingdom. It proudly stands with 27 locations delivering genuine Mexican cuisine. Their menu has a variety of delectable meals, including a full-fledged Tejano tex-mex cuisine that would put you in a food coma.

4. Café Pacifico

Café Pacifico, the UK’s oldest Mexican restaurant, is 33 years old. The restaurant was founded by Tomas Estes, the International Tequila Ambassador for the National Chamber of the Tequila Industry (a.k.a. the most fantastic job title we’ve ever heard).

The cuisine is delicious, but the tequila is exceptional. The setting is laid up like a cantina, with a massive oak bar on one side of the room. With an excellent assortment of tequila, many of which are Tomas’ brand, Ocho, you must request a tequila tasting with your quesadillas.

5. Boho Mexica

Boho Mexica

Tradition is everything in Boho Mexica. The delicacies are prepared by the owner’s aunt’s mother, who also serves as the restaurant’s Head Chef.

With crunchy plantain tostadas topped with prawns, tortillas with lime-marinated sea bass, and “painfully slow” roasted beef brisket that falls apart on your tongue, this makes for some lovely meal. The interiors are equally homey, with red clay walls and old-school Mexican propaganda posters adorning the walls, making the whole experience seem comfortable and friendly.

6. Lupita East

Lupita East

A table full of colors and platters full of flavors is a common sight at Lupita East, located on both the commercial strip and the Kensington High Street in London.

Lupita East is famed for its bright drinks, and you may find yourself taking rounds of these. The food is as fresh as may be obtained from a farm. Lupita East’s avocados and thick and delicious guacamole are a must-try. London locals and visitors who visit The Square Mile’s streets, the eatery is well-liked.

7. Mestizo


At Mestizo, you must forget about everything else and concentrate just on the cuisine. Let us assist you since the menu is a bit extensive. First, order the flautas, corn tortillas filled with chicken, or deep-fried potatoes.

And topped with queso fresco and green tomatillo salsa, as well as the wonderful Molcajete ‘Mestizo.’ It’s a shared meal that arrives at your table in a volcanic stone elephant-shaped bowl that’s still boiling.

8. Breddos Taqueria

Breddos Taqueria

Margaritas and mescals seem to improve everything. Breddos Taqueria is a Mexican restaurant in London’s Soho and Clerkenwell. This funky and groovy establishment has a lot to offer.

Breddos, a restaurant that has acquired numerous culinary methods and techniques from many street taqueria stalls and restaurants in America and Mexico, is happy to today stand solid in its foundation.

9. Lupita


Lupita, located on Villiers Street, is seldom empty, thanks to the steady flow of visitors from Embankment to Charing Cross and the hungry employees that live nearby.

Tacos, tostadas, burritos, you name it, this shop has it, and although there aren’t any crazy fillings, the basic Pibil pulled pork, Tinga chicken and beef, and Baja fish are all done to a high quality. The ‘Volcan’ house specialty, grilled meat or chicken overflowing with melted cheese and served on crunchy corn tortillas, is a must-try.

10. El Nivel

El Nivel

Another Tomas Estes creation, El Nivel, is buried above La Perla restaurant (also owned by Tomas) in Covent Garden. Whereas La Perla is a wild party, El Nivel is a little more refined, with some severe drinking on offer.

The ambiance is still relaxed and talkative, but the agave spirits range is the greatest in London, and the bar serves cocktail bars that rank among Soho’s best.


Think again if you think Mexican cuisine is just about burritos and tequila shots. Mexican food is gaining popularity in the United Kingdom. Brits discover the wonder of enchiladas, mole chicken, and tequila so excellent that adding lime and salt anywhere near it is a crime. For a fantastic sit-down supper, we’ve created a list of the best Mexican food London is offering in its vibrant restaurants.

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