Top 10 Places for Bowling in London

bowling in london

Can you MAKE TIME for some of London’s top bowling alleys?

We have recommendations for the best bowling spots in London, regardless of the weather. These include underground lanes with pizza and arcades with large lanes. Take a look at these top 10 places for bowling in London.

Top 10 Best Places for Bowling in London

1. The Croc

The Croc

The luxury Ham Yard Hotel has its secret, four-lane bowling alley down under the streets of Soho, with some beautiful vintage design work.

You may reserve a lane or the whole facility so that you and your mates can play in complete solitude. At £20 per person, it is by far the most-costly choice among our bowling lanes.

2. Hollywood Bowl Surrey Quays

Hollywood Bowl Surrey Quays

Come for the Hollywood glitz, but stay for the cutting-edge bowling lanes and delectable beverages. Hollywood Bowl Surrey Quays allows you to bowl in your shoes, and VIP lanes with employees at your beck and call are available.

After that, go to the arcade for some old-school fun and games. At The O2, test your wits with Virtual Reality games like Mario Kart and Godzilla. These are only for anyone above the age of ten. Hollywood is now getting into the work party scene, with drink specials and exclusive bowling rooms available for rent.

3. All-Star Lanes

It’s the All-Star Lanes group’s most centrally placed bowling alley, with a four-lane hall and a rentable private area (shown) with two lanes of its own.

The restaurant provides typical American diner fare like mac ‘n’ cheese, buttermilk fried chicken, and filling cheeseburgers. At the same time, the bar serves up some good G&Ts. During peak periods, it’s £9.95 per person. However, they’re presently only giving peak bowling sessions to people dining with a complete dish in their restaurant. However, a Monday deal of two games for £10 seems appealing.

4. Bloomsbury Lanes

Bloomsbury Lanes

This bowling alley is lovely and provides the impression of an actual American ten-pin bowling alley. Eight bowling lanes, five karaoke rooms, and a restaurant are available.

On Friday and Saturday nights, this business stays open until 3 a.m. They take bowling very seriously. The eight-lane bowling alley is very popular with night-owls. It was open until 3:00 a.m. on Fridays and Saturdays before the outbreak.

However, these late-night sessions are now on hold. Among other things, the restaurant serves huge shared pizzas; you can also rent the private five-lane Kingpin Suite or five karaoke rooms.

5. Queen’s Ice and Bowl

Queen's Ice and Bowl

When it comes to bowling, it’s challenging to develop a unique selling proposition. You may go for a certain aesthetic or theme, or you can go for a large number of activities, or you can incorporate an ice rink.

There is no other location in London with 12 high-quality bowling lanes and a 12,000 square foot ice rink in the same structure. Two nights a week, you can race go-karts on the ice at this West London branch, which also has a MEAT liquor. It’s almost as if we’re not talking about bowling at all.

6. Rowans


In London bowling lanes, he’s a cult hero! With 24 lanes, late opening hours (until 2.30 a.m. Fridays and Saturdays), pool tables, and karaoke, this famous old-school institution transforms into a bit of a party on a Friday night.

There are 24 bowling lanes in this establishment! They guarantee authentic American throwback bowling on two levels for the whole family. I’m not sure it has all of the qualifications required for boutique bowling, but I enjoy it all the same.

They also have a lot of pool tables, which is always a plus in my opinion. And the style contributes to the vibe at these types of establishments, and the atmosphere at Rowans is electrifying.

7. Tenpin Acton

West Londoners may visit Tenpin Acton to scatter the pins over a whopping twenty-eight lanes. Although the standard game is enjoyable, the venue has also developed a higher type of bowling called HyperBowling.

Said, you can enhance your score by bouncing your balls off the colored bumpers before hitting the pins, which is undoubtedly extremely useful if your radar is wildly off at the best of times. Tenpin Bowling is typical family bowling fun, with several locations outside London, including Bexleyheath and Croydon.

8. Lewisham Lanes

Lewisham Bowl offers no-frills, high-stakes bowling – well, high-stakes in the sense that you probably despise losing. It costs £7.50 per adult for each game, but with a variety of family and daily offers available, it’s an ideal bowling alley if you’re looking to save money.

9. London Palace Superbowl

London Palace Superbowl

This unpolished diamond is located at the Elephant and Castle Shopping Centre, which is worth a visit in and of itself. It’s one of London’s most remarkable and odd sites, seemingly unaltered since the 1960s.

And is part of the whole Palace Superbowl experience. Once inside, the uncomplicated bowling is cheap, cheery, and comes replete with arcade games, pool tables, and vodka slushies.

10. Namco Funscape County Hall

Namco Funscape County Hall, located on London’s South Bank, is one of the cheapest bowling lanes in the city. There’s much to do without breaking the budget, with many bowling options and other entertainment options such as dodgems, pool, and even an escape room game.


The exhilaration of a strike (or just striking anything) and the anguish of the lone pin holding fast amongst fallen friends combine for an exciting trip. Of course, since this is London, many of these bowling alleys provide much more than simply lanes and balls. The list above contains the best bowling alleys in London for a birthday celebration, a social night out, or a family gathering. Discover these exciting places for bowling in London for yourself right now.

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