Top 10 Benefits of Using Instagram for Your Business

benefits of instagram for business

Instagram completed 12 years of being a popular social media platform in 2022. It went from a cool photo-sharing site to a thriving marketplace for customers and businesses in a short time. A business account on Instagram is different from a personal account.

Since Meta owns both Facebook and Instagram, they share the ad platform tools and make cross-advertising easy. In this article, we dive into some of the benefits of using Instagram for your business.

Top 10 Benefits of Instagram for Business

1. More Eyeballs

More Eyeballs

Very few platforms provide the volume of the right audience, like Instagram. Instagram has about 1 billion active users globally. Of these 1 billion, a majority of the users fall between the age group of 18 and 34 years. This group comprises young adults with first jobs, but they are also the future of the customer base.

Nowadays, TV is quickly being replaced by more advanced technologies and products like OTTs. Running ads in traditional channels no longer yields the kind of results as before. You can now look to platforms like Instagram for efficiently promoting your business.

2. Organic Virality

Organic Virality

If you invest in Instagram, do not ignore Instagram Reels. Instagram Reels command a whopping 22% more engagement than regular Instagram videos. Organic virality is a game-changer in the marketing world and for businesses. Reels demonstrate its popularity.

A strong, creative approach can stretch the marketing message’s reach without increasing the budget. Interesting posts get organically shared. Instagram’s AI algorithm amplifies its reach if the content is on Reels ensure to use an Instagram video editor for creating the best Reels for your content.

3. Accessible Influencers

Accessible Influencers

Instagram has created influencers of a new kind. Regular people with an interest in creating popular content can also influence their follower base. Businesses can actively use Instagram influencers for advertising their product and getting results.

Working with an influencer in traditional advertising can be expensive. Celebrity advertising is primarily used to reach the fan base of the influencer. Instagram has created a level playing ground where even a regular person, can create amazing content and have more followers than a traditional celebrity.

4. eCommerce Platform

eCommerce Platform

Until now, we have seen the power of Instagram as a marketing and advertising platform. Instagram is quickly evolving from being an advertising platform to a marketplace in itself.

It is possible to purchase products directly from Instagram. Its eCommerce integration features do not need you to leave the platform to purchase. It makes the sale seamless. Instagram provides a powerful way to combine brand and performance marketing leading to a sale.

5. Level Playing Field

Level Playing Field

Instagram is not built just for large brands it provides retained profit for every small business. A small startup with shoestring budgets can compete with heavyweights simply by being more creative and relatable. The entry cost of marketing a product on Instagram is nil. Anyone can organically promote their product or service.

At the same time, a big brand can build an elaborate digital strategy and spend millions to share on marketing. Platforms like Instagram have made reaching the right audience more accessible and affordable than ever before. With a simple phone to record clips and a good Instagram video creator, anyone can market on Instagram.

6. The Mobile Advantage

The Mobile Advantage

Any digital media marketing plan must have Instagram and other social apps at the center. When doing this, marketers cannot ignore the fact that Instagram is a 100% mobile-first only app. The platform has been built to be viewed on smartphones. Taking a cue from this, build marketing material that is optimized for social media viewing.

By being mobile-first, Instagram caters to a generation that demands quick transactions to close a sale faster. Combine that with features like remarketing, and Instagram is a gold mine.

7. Strong Analytics

Strong Analytics

The best thing about Instagram is its full suite of tools to make marketers successful. Marketers need three things – the right audience, the ability to showcase their creativity in sharing their marketing message, and insights on what works and what doesn’t. Instagram provides state-of-the-art analytics capability that shows why a particular ad or post performs well.

It provides details about which demographic is paying attention. The analytics also provide insights into how this demographic is engaging with the content. These insights are critical not only to maximize the reach of the ads but also to keep costs low.

8. Instagram Shop

Instagram Shop

Keep an eye out for Instagram Shop, a set of features that allow businesses to sell products directly from Instagram. This feature is available in many countries and is rapidly being rolled out to the rest of the world. Only Managed Clients in India can use this service for now, but soon, everyone will have access to this.

Instagram Shop provides a complete virtual storefront experience with customizable components. The look and feel of the storefront can be changed, and products can be categorized and tagged. Products can be highlighted in posts and advertised easily. Businesses can truly and completely tap into the customer base on Instagram through this.

9. Visual Marketing

Visual MarketingInstagram provides the closest experience to seeing a product in person. The product achieves this through very high-quality images taking full advantage of today’s smartphones’ graphics.

If you intend to display your product catalog and showcase design aspects of it, Instagram is the best platform.

10. Customer Connection

Customer Connection

Using a visual tool like Instagram allows for deeper customer connection. This aspect makes the Instagram posts more engaging. When there is higher engagement, there is a higher amount of feedback coming from customers. Businesses can use this to understand what aspects of their products are working and what needs to be improved.

Instagram allows brands to move from having a good brand image to building an emotional bond with their customers. The platform makes it easy for existing and potential customers to directly interact with the brand. Brands that are accessible perform better in business.


Instagram is a complete package for SEO consultants and aiding in sales for companies. Now is the time to move and take the next step to define your business goals. It will lead to the right Instagram marketing plan, and you are off on your Instagram business journey.

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