Top 10 Best Bars in York

bars in york

Are you looking for York’s top cocktail bar? Then you’ve arrived at the correct location!

By visiting some of the bars in York, you may taste experiences from all around the globe. Travel from an authentic Spanish tapas bar experience to New York-style partying till the early hours of the morning, all the way to a classy evening at a Parisian-style wine bar. With all of the typical bar nibbles and some distinctive twists on the recipe, who wants a black pudding macaron? Whatever you’re looking for, York has a bar for you. Whether you like the oldies or want something a little different, there’s something for everyone here.

We’ve compiled a list of ten must-visit cocktail bars in York, combining personal favorites and suggestions.

1. Sora Sky Bar

Sora Sky Bar

It is going to be a drink with a view! On the seventh level of the brand new Malmaison hotel, you can kick back and enjoy cocktail clubs while admiring the metropolitan skyline.

The new Malmaison Hotel’s Sora Sky Bar is placed on it. The new Malmaison Hotel has made a significant effect by repurposing the old Aviva Yorkshire House building, which now houses a pair of restaurants, a hotel bar, and the Sora sky bar that has grown from the top. A Peach & Lychee Spritz, Cherry Blossom Negroni, Sesame Old Fashioned, and other unique drinks are available.

2. Dusk

It is a welcoming and cozy pub that is wonderfully illuminated by gentle fairy lights. The renowned Café Bar Dusk is located on the lively late-night New Street Dusk, frequented mainly by students.

It has some layout concerns since the central area is relatively tiny, with the bar taking up the bulk of the space, making it challenging to get anyplace in the building when it’s crowded. The drinks are all named after celebrities or fictitious characters, with just a brief description, so it’s exciting to see what you’ll receive. Will you choose a Graham Norton, a Stormtrooper, or a Lucy Liu?

3. Pivni


 Pivni, located just off the famed historic street of Little Shambles, is at the top of our list of the finest bars in York. This stunning two-story 16th-century free house is challenging to overlook. For a reason, drinks have been served at this location for hundreds of years.

And this time is no exception. They are doing some of the most fantastic authentic cask ales from local and international breweries. And they have a lot of it. There’s also a wide assortment of cans and bottles of the most outstanding beers available, as well as all the wines you could want. There are also gluten-free and alcohol-free alternatives, so everyone has something.

4. Market Cat

the market cat

Market Cat bills itself as a typical city center bar with a contemporary twist. From cask to keg, they’ve filled their shelves with all of your favorite artisan beers. Even carrying some of the best sustainable and organic natural wines available.

With 17 gins and several more spirits and liqueurs to select from, not to mention fresh Milanese-style pizzas to soak up the drink.

5. The Ivy League

The Ivy League

This stunning St. Helen’s Square location is ideal for drinks for any occasion, whether brunch with friends or an evening party. Woodstock Old Fashioned and Itchycoo Park are among the 1960s-themed drinks, all the classics with an Ivy touch.

6. Sotano


A three-minute walk from the Minster will take you to a tiny cafe on the Mediterranean shore. You’re still in York, so it’s not precisely Spain. However, Sotano may have you second-guessing yourself and serving some of the finest imported Spanish products available.

You must try one of their signature drinks; the fiery ‘Ancho Sour,’ created with Ancho chile liqueur, Illegal Mezcal, and chipotle bitters, is a standout. Or any of their delectable sherries.

7. Fossgate Social

fossgate social

Fossgate Social is located in the heart of Fossgate, York’s burgeoning live music and social scene. If you’re seeking a property with an independent charm and attitude, antique industrial furnishings, and a sun trap back yard, this is the one for you.

Try their famed SpaceCraft ale, brewed in-house inside the Ice Cream Factory! Among the traditional cuisine are local ales and all of the usual prices. Don’t miss out on this spot, which is unquestionably one of the most excellent bars in York.

8. Manahatta


Look no farther than Manahatta for a taste of New York in Old New York! A Broadway Spritz or a trip to Staten Island Iced Tea will give you a peek of the Great White Way. Manahatta is guaranteed to have what you’re looking for.

9. Kennedy’s Restaurant and Bar

Kennedy's Restaurant and Bar

Kennedy’s Bar and Restaurant, located just above Spanish cafe Sotano, has a friendly environment upstairs. By day, it’s a laid-back setting ideal for a drink of one of their beautiful wines on the sun patio.

Or, much better, for drinking drinks late into the evening. Enjoy their regular classics or try something new like Lady Penelope’s Iced Tea with rhubarb pink gin, Chambord, Aperol, passion, and lemonade.

10. Trembling Madness’s House

14 Lendal has housed the historic saddlery and harness manufacturer, Robson & Cooper, for the last 170 years, so it’s only appropriate that an existing York “institution” takes over the reins of this beautiful Georgian building.

With the support of the York Considerations Trust, the Trembling Madness group has transformed this abandoned property into a stunning craft beer Mansion. The pub has a massive 22 kegs of craft beer and ale, making it the ideal venue to dig into the depths of the craft beer industry or enjoy some high-quality beer with family and friends.


York, the typical English cathedral city, is known for its old-world pubs rather than cutting-edge martini bars. Take a fast stroll into the city center, though, and you’ll find mixologists whipping up dazzling cocktails at lively pubs all around.

York’s best pubs offer everything from underground speakeasy-style hiding places to bustling music bars to drinking dens with world-record-holding Gin options. There’s even a Stone Roses-only arena — and it’s made of gold, not fool’s gold. Looking for some great food? Choose bars in York wisely from the restaurants, and bars mentioned in the above list.

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