Top 10 Best 60th Birthday Ideas

60th Birthday Ideas

Getting to the age of 60 is such a big achievement. The search for gifting someone who will soon turn 60 is the same. The idea should be mature and childish at the same time. Turning 60 means balancing between sentiments and fun—real-life and finding our true selves after all the hard work begins. Not forgetting the mischief which will just begin now.

So, if any of your friends or relatives are turning 60 and you are still hunting for the gift, don’t worry; we have got you covered.

Top 10 Best 60th Birthday Ideas

Here we have curated a list of some gift ideas to gift a 60 -year-old. So let’s get started and find the best fit.

1. Full Body Massager

Full Body Massager

A full body massage at home, isn’t it amazing? Many big brands in the UK offer a full body massager at reasonable prices with high ratings. RENPHO and Wellbeing are two such companies that offer a massager which can relieve pains and massage muscles of the neck, shoulder, back, foot and legs. You can recharge them, and they are cordless. So if you want the birthday person to have a soothing feeling without going anywhere and with different intensity levels of massage, then a full-body massager can fulfill that.

2. Piece of Jewellery

Piece of Jewellery

60 means 6 decades, so why not make them feel special with a 6 ring pendant. Any jewelry gifted feels so personal as we choose them with utmost precision whether the person will feel like wearing it or not. Gifting a neckpiece can be risky, but holding emotions that the other person can catch is a good feeling for both. So a trendy silver necklace pendant with 6 rings depicting the 60 years is very special and beautiful. PrettySerendipityCo offers a range of personalized handmade jewelry with hidden meanings to mark the milestone.

3. Cornish Pebble Art

Cornish Pebble Art

Another simple yet delicate piece of art with abstract design is Cornish Pebble Art. Pebble art is handcrafted with Cornish Seaside pebbles and Driftwood. Any illustrative photograph can be crafted into pebble art. It can be drafted in various sizes. Any message or quote can be inscribed along to make it more special.

MyLittleBeachShop is a handmade item gift shop that provides UK residents with the above gift.

4. Personalized Scented Candles

An aromatic surrounding is very soothing, enhancing our mood and energy for the day. Many stores offer a candle with a glass painted with the quote, Happy 60th Birthday, or a Thank You message. Different colors, names, and ages are chosen for the personalized text.

Sealedwithagift4you is an online platform that provides some very cool scented and personalized candles.

5. Whiskey Bottle and a Glass

Whiskey Bottle and a Glass

If your pal is a tipple, then what is better than fulfilling their desires with a combo of whiskey bottles paired with a fancy glass. A vintage collection, glass set to give along with any favorable drink, can definitely top the list.

Lapaldimension supplies such as glasses and cups that you can pair to gift a person on his/her 60th Birthday celebration.

6. Smart Garden Pot

Smart Garden Pot

If your pal is a lover of plants, then a smart garden pot is the best choice. It is a self-growing pot that needs very low maintenance. With the accomplishment of being 60 and plantspeople is not easy. The smart garden maintains the ideal climate for its growth and comes with pre-seeded plants such as tomato, basil, and lettuce.

Smart garden pots are a great option for gifting people with large adoration for plants. It is a naturally great option with smart options.

7. Custom Amount Gift Card

Custom Amount Gift Card

A custom gift card comprises a gift box inside which a card is affixed. You can select amounts ranging from £ 30 to £ 1000. The amount is not disclosed on the card; rather, the person receiving the gift has to simply coordinate the last 4 digits of the serial code on the back of the gift card to the one listed on the packing slip placed inside the box to reveal the amount.

Amazon offers such facility of birthday gift and festive cards across the regions.

8. Medication Management Devices

Medication Management Devices

Senior citizens like to live an independent life. Arranging the meds for the elders so that they don’t miss it without your help isn’t a good idea. Nowadays, you can find an immense number of tech gadgets that give you services, such as a pill dispenser that allows you to fill the medicine tray for your parents and set medication.

9. Lap Desk

Lap Desk

A lap desk is a multipurpose tool that fits on mostly all the chairs. It is suited to multitask, such as reading, writing, painting, and eating. It can ease the life of seniors and do the work without leaving their favorite chairs or spots. Lap Desk is portable and robust and a basic necessity for those who lack a bit of mobility.

10. Low Impact Exercise Tool

Low Impact Exercise Tool

It is important to stay fit no matter what. The Low Impact Exercise Tool can help you avoid any kind of disease or problem with the coming age. You can find a wide range of low-impact exercise equipment found through the body type and habits. Exercising can automatically uplift the mood, and encouraging people to exercise at regular intervals feels like a job done right. So why not provide them with the right tools which are easy to handle yet effective.


Turning 60 is a great triumph but finding a gift to celebrate it is a task. Don’t worry, and we have curated an amazing list of sensible and necessary gifts for your loved ones. Some gifts are mentioned with stores, and some are available in a large quantity and range, so it is just a simple search away. Thoughtful gifts always amaze the elderly.

All the loved ones deserve to be treated with a great gift that makes them remember your endeavors. Even though people can afford things, they sometimes don’t, so what is better than getting them as a gift. I hope you find your best fit for the presents.

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