Top 10 Sandy Beaches Near London

sandy beaches near london

Summer is nearly here, and the best place to visit during the holidays are beaches, of course. To feel the sand beneath your feet and the soft sun rays against your face is one of the best feelings in the world. Beaches are also great if you would want to go for a swim. They are also great for just relaxing and sunbathing. Beaches also include activities like water sports and carnivals to visit at night. They are also great if you want to go on a boat trip. Make sure to connect to a bareboat charter if you want to have the luxury of hopping from one beach to another and see the wonderful ocean life.

Top 10 Sandy Beaches Near London

So if you would want to visit a beach, these are our top 10 picks of sandy beaches near London:

1. Whitstable Beach, Kent

Whitstable Beach, Kent

Only 65 minutes from London, this is one of the closest sandy beaches to come by. Whitstable Beach has charming cottages lining the sea, which you could book as a homestay. This beach is filled with sand, and a slight stretch also extends into the sea.

There is a very traditional and homely feel here, and we are sure you would like it very much. This beach is also very suitable for a romantic getaway. Green lush hills descend onto the sea, and you could go sightseeing here. Arriving by train, the beach is only a ten-minute walk from Stable railway station.

2. Birling Gap, East Sussex

Birling Gap, East Sussex

Cliffs on the backside, this is one of the less crowded beaches. Great for relaxation and some sunbathing. A stretch of sand lies beneath the cliff. The driving time is only 90 minutes from London.

There are also sightseeing places nearby to visit if you stay for a few days. The National Trust Cafe offers a good range of snacks ready if you feel hungry after a swim.

3. Isle of Grain Beach, Kent

Isle of Grain Beach, Kent

Also, only 60 minutes from London by road, you can pretend to be at the end of the world. Very quiet and serene beach to enjoy by yourself or your family. The beach ascends into woods, and there are some beautiful flowerbeds in the area.

If you get bored, you could also go foraging as an activity and might be lucky enough to find some sapphires, but only during low tide.

4. Church Norton, Selsey

Church Norton, Selsey

Ninety minutes from London, thousands of birds migrate in here. There is also the remains of a Castle and moat beside the sandy beach. The sands stretch onto mudflats on low tide, which are a big hit among the children.

5. East Head at West Wittering, Chichester

East Head at West Wittering, Chichester

Situated on the south coast, this is a magnificent beach and is only about 90 minutes from London. You will find this is great as a family picnic spot. Also, you might see some yachts with big while sails on the sea. Swimming here is super fun if you are up for that.

You could use the mudflats at low tide, which forms as slides. Children sure do love this part of the beach. It can be a bit crowded but walking by the shore, you can see some giant dunes and wild bushes on the side.

6. West Dunes, Camber Sands

West Dunes, Camber Sands

It looks like this place came out of a movie scene; the dunes here are pretty massive compared to other beaches. The sea is shallow here, so perfect for swimming with kids. The town is also a great attraction, only 75 minutes from London.

Some pretty great restaurants are located here, from pubs to bistros. But if you want to spend some time alone, walking along the coast to the east will take you to a desolate area with green bushes and low tide sands.

7. Frensham Beach, Surrey

Frensham Beach, Surrey

If I don’t have a few days off, Frensham Beach is the best option. This beach has the two best swimming spots. You will never be able to go beyond 1.4 meters here in the water. There are also coast guards to make sure you do not go beyond.

There are stalls here selling all kinds of food, so be sure to enjoy a hotdog and beer on the sand. A good place for some calm sunbathing, and most of all, the weather here is always sunny. The travel time takes 90 minutes from London.

8. Fairlight Glen, Covehurst, Hastings, East Sussex

Fairlight Glen, Covehurst, Hastings, East Sussex

If you want an unconventional naked beach, well, here it is. This place is wild and in a good way, with flower beds and hills ascending from the sandy beach, only 90 minutes from London you could also come here by train. The beach here is the best to watch sunsets.

The perfect scenery can be captured here. But be cautioned, not the best place for kids we advise you not to take them or even visit with family if you don’t want to start an awkward conversation about the whole al natural naked peoples roaming about.

9. Dungeness East, Lydd, Kent

Dungeness East, Lydd, Kent

It’s a place filled with seagulls and gadwalls. There are old railway cabins you could stay in for an aesthetic and artistic experience. One of the most extensive beaches available out there, the town nearby has all facilities available.

Make sure to try a corndog from all the stalls perched in here. It takes about 80 minutes only from London; this is a good weekend getaway place. You could also visit the nuclear PowerPoint nearby as a daily activity.

10. Camber Sands, Sussex

Camber Sands, Sussex

Camber Sands, Sussex is the sandiest beach in Sussex. Windsurfing and kitesurfing are all the hype among tourists and locals alike. Pets are allowed in here and have their zones to explore. But it is a bit far away, around 180 minutes from London by road.

We hope you have a lovely time among the yellow sands. And if you would like to build a sandcastle along with the kids, best of luck with that. This summer, beaches are a must.

Beaches these days are not just about swimming, you could also rave in the night parties, and concerts held on these beaches. From fabulous restaurants with fairy lights to late-night parties, beaches just got a whole lot attractive.

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