Top 10 Piercing Shops in Stratford

piercing shops in stratford

If you’re looking to get a piercing in Stratford, London, you then’re in success! We have compiled a list of the pinnacle 10 piercing shops that offer the high-quality offerings. From Marmalade Park to Studio 51 Ink, we’ve indexed all the records you want approximately each keep and their area. Whether it is your first time getting pierced or you are a pro seasoned, it’s important to pick out a store this is clean, professional, and has skilled piercers. So, sit returned and examine on as we take you thru our top choices for the exceptional piercing stores in Stratford.

Top 10 Piercing Shops in Stratford

1. Marmalade Park

Marmalade Park

Situated in the colourful Market Village at Stratford Shopping Centre, Marmalade Park is a unique beauty business studio that focuses on piercing offerings. Their professional piercers are acknowledged for their capacity to create particular and custom designed designs, ensuring that each piercing is a real paintings of art. Whether you are searching out an ear, nose, or frame piercing, Marmalade Park offers loads of options to fit your man or woman fashion and preference. With a commitment to providing a snug and safe piercing experience, you may agree with that you’re in correct palms at Marmalade Park. So if you’re in East London and in want of a brand new piercing, appearance no further than Marmalade Park in the bustling Market Village at Stratford Shopping Centre.

Address: Unit 30 Market village Stratford shopping mall, London E15 1XQ

Contact: +44 20 8555 7778

2. Dharma Tattoo

Dharma Tattoo

Dharma Tattoo, located inside the coronary heart of London, is famend for its expert piercing offerings. With a strong emphasis on protection and purchaser pleasure, the shop is staffed by using experienced piercers who prioritize the properly-being of their customers. They offer a number of piercing alternatives, such as ear, frame, and facial piercings, and are regarded for their artistic piercing designs. Dharma Tattoo offers a sterile and hygienic environment, ensuring that the piercing technique is completed in a safe and snug way. Situated in London, this venue offers convenience to clients from all around the metropolis and past. With its popularity for excellence and dedication to excellent, Dharma Tattoo is a pinnacle preference for every body trying to get a piercing in East London.

Address: 529 Roman Rd, Bow, London E3 5EL, UK.

Contact: +44 20 7998 8008

3. Claire’s


Claire’s, located in Westfield Stratford City, is a present day piercing store that offers a large choice of jewelry. Their professional piercers prioritize safety and hygiene, making sure a clean and sterile surroundings for every piercing. Conveniently situated in Westfield Stratford City, it’s miles effortlessly on hand for clients from East London and past. The friendly body of workers at Claire’s move above and past to offer personalised hints to help you locate the appropriate piece of jewellery. They are in particular famend for their tremendous ear piercing services, making them a famous preference for those looking to get their ears pierced. With its modern day surroundings and dedication to protection, Claire’s at Westfield Stratford City is a move-to venue for all your piercing needs.

Address: East, London E20 1EJ, United Kingdom.

Contact: +44 20 8503 0271

4. East Ink Tattoo & Piercing

East Ink Tattoo & Piercing

Located in Leytonstone, East Ink Tattoo & Piercing is one of the top piercing shops in Stratford. When choosing a piercing shop, it’s crucial to consider factors like hygiene and safety. East Ink Tattoo & Piercing prioritizes both, ensuring a clean and sterile environment for all their procedures. Reviews and recommendations from previous customers speak highly of their professional and friendly service. Their expert piercers have years of experience and are skilled at creating unique and artistic designs. Located in Leytonstone, in East London, this venue is without problems reachable to clients.

Address: 168 High Rd Leytonstone, London E11 3HU, UK.

Contact: +44 20 8616 4664

5. Only Here For You

Only Here For You

Located in Lion Works/Liquid Studios, Only Here For You is a highly popular piercing studio in Stratford.With their skilled piercers who specialize in specific piercing strategies, they provide a extensive range of options for ear, frame, and facial piercings.Their commitment to providing a comfortable and enjoyable experience sets them apart from other piercing shops in the area. Clients can expect a creative and artistic approach to their piercings, with stunning designs that showcase their expertise. Whether you’re looking for a simple earlobe piercing or a more intricate body piercing, Only Here For You is sure to deliver. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to visit this top-rated venue for your piercing needs.

Address: Unit R4, 55 Wallis Rd, London E9 5LH.

Contact: +44 20 3609 7960

6. Tattoo Studio Hackney

Tattoo Studio Hackney

Located in the vibrant Hackney area, Tattoo Studio Hackney is a renowned tattoo studio that also offers professional piercing services. With experienced piercers who prioritize safety and customer satisfaction, you can trust them to provide a top-notch piercing experience. They provide plenty of piercing alternatives, consisting of ear, frame, and facial piercings, catering to exceptional possibilities. Tattoo Studio Hackney is known for their high-quality jewelry and sterile piercing environment, ensuring that your piercings are done with utmost care and hygiene. Situated in Here East, they provide easy access for locals in the East London area. Whether you’re looking to get a tattoo or a piercing, Tattoo Studio Hackney is a fantastic venue to consider.

Address: Unit 11 E Bay Ln, London E15 2SJ, United Kingdom.

Contact: +44 7544 853539

7. Angels & Iron

Angels & Iron

Angels & Iron, located in Vicarage, is a reputable piercing shop known for its professional services and skilled piercers. They prioritize customer comfort and satisfaction, ensuring a pleasant and safe experience. With a huge variety of piercing alternatives to be had, which includes ear, body, and facial piercings, clients can pick out their favored fashion. The shop’s convenient location in Vicarage provides easy accessibility for all visitors. Moreover, the friendly staff creates a welcoming environment, and the clean and hygienic piercing studio ensures the highest standards of cleanliness. Angels & Iron is committed to delivering top-notch services and maintaining a reputation for excellence in piercing.

Address: 32 Vicarage Ln, London E15 4ES, United Kingdom

8. Unique Beauty Studio

Unique Beauty Studio

Located in the bustling Stratford Shopping Centre, Unique Beauty Studio is a unique beauty studio that offers professional piercing services. With skilled piercers who specialize in unique and trendy piercing designs, they provide a variety of options for ear, body, and facial piercings. Committed to customer satisfaction, Unique Beauty Studio strives to create a safe and comfortable piercing experience. Conveniently situated in Stratford Shopping Centre, customers can easily access the studio while enjoying their shopping experience. With their expertise in piercing, the piercers at Unique Beauty Studio ensure a high level of skill and precision in every piercing they perform. Whether you’re searching out a easy earlobe piercing or a more complicated facial piercing, they have you ever blanketed.

Address: 74 Broadway, London E15 1NG, United Kingdom

Contact: +44 7988 533430

9. Kokomo


Located in Westfield Stratford City, Kokomo is a famous piercing shop that offers expert piercing services. With experienced piercers, they make sure that their clients obtain the best degree of professional care. One of the key highlights of Kokomo is their huge selection of stylish rings, catering to various patterns and preferences. From ear piercings to body and facial piercings, they offer loads of options for his or her clients. Committed to keeping a smooth and sterile surroundings, Kokomo prioritizes the protection and nicely-being of their clients. By deciding on Kokomo to your piercing desires, you may trust that you will be in excellent arms in terms of both style and hygiene.

Address: Montfichet Rd, London E20 1EJ, United Kingdom

Contact: +44 20 8555 0711

10. Studio 51 Ink

Studio 51 Ink

Studio fifty one Ink, located in Leytonstone, is a good tattoo save that also gives expert piercing offerings. Their professional piercers prioritize consumer delight and protection, making sure a superb experience for their customers. Situated in Leytonstone, the store presents convenience for customers in the place, making it easily on hand. Studio 51 Ink offers a lot of piercing alternatives, inclusive of ear, frame, and facial piercings, catering to distinctive preferences and patterns. What sets them aside is their interest to detail and dedication to the usage of first-rate jewelry. When you go to Studio 51 Ink, you could anticipate professional piercers who will manual you via the process, ensuring your comfort and safety at some point of. With their information, professionalism, and willpower to their craft, Studio 51 Ink is an super preference on your piercing desires.

Address: 743 High Rd Leytonstone, Bushwood, London E11 4QS, UK.

Contact: +44 7943 471235


In conclusion, if you’re searching out the quality piercing shops in Stratford, you have got a lot of alternatives to select from. Whether you opt for a today’s studio within the coronary heart of the city or a greater laid-back environment, there is something for every body. Make positive to do your research and examine opinions earlier than you make a decision. Remember to prioritize cleanliness, professionalism, and enjoy when deciding on a piercing keep. Take the time to visit the piercer and talk your choices and any worries you may have. With the proper save and a professional piercer, you could expectantly beautify your body with an appropriate piercing.

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