Top 10 Korean Restaurants Near Me in London

korean restaurants near me

Whether you’re looking for Bibimbap – a delicacy consisting of a meat or veggie foundation with rice, a cracked egg, and topped with chili sauce – or some red hot kimchee, London’s Korean eateries have you covered. From K–Town in New Malden to Shaftesbury Avenue, top 10 Korean restaurants for you to swoon over. All you need to do is hit “Korean restaurants near me” on Google, and there you go.

1. Park’s Kitchen

Park's Kitchen

From the first whiff of spicy pork lay naked on a sizzling dish and topped with runny egg yolk, you’re hooked. This Ealing eatery is a hidden gem among the sea of Korean restaurants in London.

The secret to Park’s Kitchen is beauty in simplicity, unlocked by extraordinary flavors and finished off by incomparable costs. Deep-fried tofu dish, luxury seafood bars noodle soup, chicken katsu. Customers will return and browse the menu since there is so much to choose from.

2. Daebak


Daebak, located just across the street from neighbouring Korean eatery Jihwaja, is worth trying if you don’t want karaoke with your kimchi.

It’s in what used to be a greasy spoon, so it still feels like a caff, but the pricing is reasonable, the quantities are enormous, and the flavors are spot on. ‘Daebak’ is the Korean word meaning ‘amazing.’ It’s on its way.

3. Lime Orange

Lime Orange

First and foremost, don’t be misled by Lime Orange’s central position. Prices are incredibly inexpensive for a stay in Victoria, providing a regal all-around experience.

Starters range in price from £4.50-7.50 for great pieces of exquisite fish cakes to apple cider-soaked pancakes. The main courses, including Bibimbap, BBQ grill, noodles, and soups, are delicious. There’s something for everyone from kimchee jigae ramen to beef hot pot bulgogi to a spicy tofu soup with luminous rice. Lime Orange is a welcoming, family-run restaurant that never fails to impress. Make a reservation in advance!

4. Dotori


It’s still almost hard to get inside this Korean/Japanese combination, but thankfully, Dotori also has a life-saving takeout line. All of the Korean BBQ specialties.

Such as buchu jeon (chive pancakes), bokkeumbap (stir-fried rice with toppings), yukgejang (a hot beef stewpot), and yukgejang (a spicy beef stewpot), are well-prepared and reasonably priced. This delightful Finsbury Park café has comprehensive Korean and Japanese menus, so you’re spoiled for choice.

The reasonably-priced (well, for London) meal is a mouth-watering feast and a masterclass in Asian food. Grab buckets of ecstatic kimchee, splurge on yukgejang, or, if you’re feeling daring, mix and match cuisines and toss in some heaven-droplet gyoza. Why? Because you very well deserve the relish.

5. Seoul Bakery

Seoul Bakery

This prominent location serves as a direct route into the centre of Seoul. This little bakery offers a two-for-one punch: great food and, prepare yourself, BTS lovers, a K-Pop shop.

Yes, indeed. You can eat delicious Korean cuisine while obsessing about K-Pop. Prices are pretty exorbitant for central London, with mains costing approximately £6. It’s adjacent to Tottenham Court Road and is a great place to get a bite before visiting the British Museum. However, you may encounter some lines. It’s a small yet popular restaurant!

6. Jihwaja


At this warren-like Korean bar on Kennington Lane, it’s difficult to tell where the restaurant begins, and the karaoke ends – but the food is good.

The personnel is pleasant, which is what makes this place so appealing. This tavern serves a diverse menu at low prices. The modern décor and friendly atmosphere make customers feel at ease.

7. On The Bab

On The Bab

A well-known brand among London’s many Korean eateries, with Shoreditch and Covent Garden locations, this popular spot combines drinks with Korean street cuisine.

On The Bab specializes in KFC (Korean Fried Chicken), and it’s a great place to get a quick bite or relax with a round of drinks. Crispy Yangyum chicken with a choice of sauce, as well as drool-worthy prawn-filled buns, are fan favourites.

It is a location where you can spend an hour eating KFC (depending on waits) or sit comfy with a stew and take your time. It’s a popular spot for a reason. You may always order ahead and pick up to avoid the crowds if you don’t want to wait because, well, when you need KFC, you need KFC.

8. Jin’s Kitchen

Jin's Kitchen

Given its sandwich bar setup, the vats of spicy kimchi flowing out to eager employees who come here for lunch to go will surprise you. The hot Korean soups here have an incredible depth of flavour, yet everything is made with care.

Best of all, the costs are reasonable — a boon to your budget. One of many Korean eateries on Shaftesbury Avenue, Jin’s Kitchen is a tiny and cosy centre establishment. And the food is top-notch Korean cuisine! Fill your lunch break with fast, low-cost snacks. Its sandwich bar has delectable pork buns, but many people come here for the hot Korean soups.

9. Kimchee


Kimchee flaunts its pushed-up wood-latticed Korean charms on Pancras Square, and it’s spacious, low-lit, and elegant without being overbearing.

Their favorite dishes are:

  • Goji galbitang
  • Stir-fried pork with tofu.
  • Thick udon noodles topped with fried chicken.

10. Koba


Koba, which first opened its doors in 2005, is still one of the most influential West End Korean scene participants. Choose from beef kalbi, bulgogi, and other barbecue meats that have been expertly marinated and cooked at the table.

With their umami-rich stocks and accompanying bowls of pearly rice, Stews are also a good option.


If you’re craving kimchi, London offers plenty of alternatives along with other Korean recipes. From inconspicuous takeout to sophisticated temples of Asian cuisine, there are fantastic locations to eat Korean food throughout town. The three Bs are king at London’s top Korean restaurants: bulgogi, Bibimbap, and barbecue, and the fun thing are that there’s frequently a DIY aspect to Korean eating, with grilling meat at your table a widespread practice.

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