Top 10 Best Restaurants in Oxford

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When you Google the top restaurants in Oxford, you’re often met with lists of the exact ten locations. Here we highlight some hidden treasures and low-cost dishes in addition to the familiar favorites.

There are many options for great places to eat in Oxford. Oxford Covered Market offers inventive affordable dishes. More Asian restaurants are springing up. The eccentric Cowley Road is free of commercial restaurants and filled with cultures ranging from the Caribbean to Moroccan.

Whether you’re visiting Oxford for a day or a weekend, you won’t be short on options.

Much of the most excellent cuisine in Oxford is surprisingly inexpensive, which is fantastic news for those on a budget! Here are a few best restaurants in Oxford.

Restaurants Oxford – Top 10 Food Places

1. Rusty Bicycle / Rickety Press

Rusty Bicycle - Rickety Press

This Oxford restaurant has two locations under different names, although Rickety Press and Rusty Bicycle in Jericho serve identical cuisine. It is one of the most excellent places to dine in Oxford.

For a casual lunch or supper if you want delicious cuisine in an informal environment. Both restaurants provide a modest but tasty menu of outstanding wood-fired pizzas and oozy, delectable burgers. My favorite pizza is the Chorizo Picante, made with chorizo and red chilies.

On weekends and in the mornings, both restaurants provide delicious American-receipes such as pancakes and chicken & waffles. They also serve a variety of afternoon teas and coffees, and their craft ales are well-known.

2. Holywell Street, Edamame

Holywell Street, Edamame

There is lovely Asian food in Oxford, including this little restaurant providing traditional Japanese restaurant cuisine. This downtown Oxford restaurant, run by a married couple, has offered homecooked meals for almost 20 years.

The little Edamame restaurant on Turl Street is a true hidden treasure that you would probably miss if you were passing by. With a small, friendly atmosphere and shared tables, there’s typically a line out the door, but it’s worth it for some of the most outstanding cuisines in Oxford. It’s essential checking the website before going since some of the meals are only available at particular hours.

3. Quod

Quod is the place to go for authentic European food made with fresh British ingredients. Rohan Kashid is the head chef and a culinary expert — his meals are fantastic, and his crew creates daily lunch specials that are guaranteed to tempt you.

The atmosphere at this restaurant is second to none. You can sit on an Italian-style patio in the evening, surrounded by greenery and evocative lighting. It definitely makes it on the list of best restaurants in Oxford.

4. Cherwell Boathouse

Cherwell Boathouse

Cherwell Boathouse is a lovely restaurant overlooking the River Cherwell housed in a wooden boathouse. The menu has a wide range of traditional British food, but it’s the Sunday dinners that stand out.

With ribs of Longhorn Beef and legs of Wootton Lamb provides with complete trimmings you’d expect with a roast. Restaurant managers Brice Guibert and Julien Minier are wine matching specialists and are always ready to assist you in picking a wine to complement your meal — this personal touch adds a special hint to this restaurant.

5. The Atomic Burger

Atomic Burger

Atomic Burger is an Oxford institution that should not be overlooked. This long-standing eatery on Cowley Road has been a neighborhood favorite for decades.

It’s worth visiting only to view the odd interior, which has a gigantic Spiderman creeping over the ceiling. You’ll feel as though you’ve walked into a comic book!

6. Pierre Victoire

Pierre Victoire

Pierre Victoire is a Parisian fantasy in the heart of Oxford, providing authentic French food that transports you to another world. The restaurant takes pleasure in serving classic French cuisine prepared by expert chefs at reasonable prices, just as they would in France.

Delicious delicacies such as fresh mussels in a cream sauce and fillet of steak with dauphinoise potatoes start at £26.50 for two courses.

7. Brasserie Blanc

Brasserie Blanc

Brasserie Blanc, owned by famous chef Raymond Blanc, is a friendly French restaurant serving various seasonal meals. From West Country Lamb Rump to Halloumi Burger with House Coleslaw.

There’s something for everyone on our diverse French cuisine menu with a British touch. The restaurant’s environment is just as good as the food. The cozy atmosphere is ideal for enjoying a dessert – or two – with friends.

8. Oli’s Thai

Oli’s Thai

You can’t discuss cuisine in Oxford without mentioning Oli’s Thai, and you can’t discuss waiting lists without mentioning their three-month wait.

While obtaining lunch at Oli’s Thai is a bit of a trek, you won’t be disappointed, particularly if you’re a gourmet visiting Oxford. Don’t let this be the dinner that slipped between the cracks!

9. Folly


If riverfront dining is appealing, The Folly is another adorable Oxford restaurant. It also provides outdoor eating and boating options on an island next to the Thames. Expect upscale British/European cuisine with traditional (mostly meaty) meals and gourmet touches.

10. Sticks ‘n’ Sushi

A shopping mall isn’t the first location that comes to mind when looking for somewhere to dine in Oxford, but Westgate Shopping Centre is home to a hidden treasure.

Sticks n sushi is a Japanese restaurant that combines traditional Japanese food with a contemporary setting. Watch the sunset over Oxford from the rooftop patio, which the restaurant describes as “Danish twilight coziness,” while enjoying fresh sushi, sashimi, yakitori, and other Japanese cuisines.


It’s not all Latin and graduation caps. Most of the time. But, with two universities, eight museums, half a castle, and hundreds of pubs, antique shops, restaurants, bars, and clubs, Oxford has a vibrancy that defies the visitors dressed in Hogwarts robes snapping selfies on the steps of the Bodleian Library (though that can be fun too).

Oxford is brimming with gastronomic treasures waiting to tempt your taste buds when it comes to cuisine. Everyone has something, from exquisite British restaurants providing classic cuisine to random burger places delivering high-quality food in a pleasant ambiance. With so many places to eat in Oxford, do not miss out on our guide to the city’s top foods. The list is based on the reviews and the above-mentioned best restaurants in Oxford are famous to give you a wholesome experience.

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