How to Buy a Real Christmas Tree in London

How to Buy a Real Christmas Tree in London

London is a cosmopolitan city that hosts various events all year long, but one of its busiest periods is definitely Christmas time.

That is when the arrival gates in Heathrow and Gatwick are overcrowded, with people coming home from all over the world, hoping to spend some precious moments around the fireplace with their families and good old friends.

And who can imagine such a gathering without a big Christmas tree?

Real vs Fake – Which Christmas Tree is Better

Which Christmas Tree is Better

Real pine trees are not only a nice symbol of Christmas. Decorating one is a magical family tradition that is both fun and bonding. You should keep in mind these essential factors when choosing your fairy Christmas tree:


A live Christmas tree offers a unique and natural look and has a distinct shape that can add character and charm to your holiday decorations. One of the most beloved aspects of real trees is their scent. The fresh, piney aroma that fills the room when you bring a real tree indoors is often associated with the holiday season.


If buying a real tree a few days before the holiday was the only option in the past, now the market offers thousands of different fake pines that look just as real and can last for many years to come. You can even buy them months ahead and save yourself the last-minute Christmas shopping.


People often prefer fake Christmas trees because they’re more affordable. Of course, buying a nice and big real pine tree is not inexpensive in comparison to the plastic versions, which can last much longer. Still, the feeling you get when you come back home to see it every day and your children’s smiles while decorating it is worth every penny.

Environmental Impact

Most fake trees that are now sold on the market are fabricated in China with a bunch of chemicals considered to be environmentally unfriendly. Real trees are a renewable resource, as they are grown specifically for Christmas tree production.

If you are still wondering – give buying a real Christmas tree a second thought! Going green is always the better choice!

Where to Buy a Real Christmas Tree

Where to Buy a Real Christmas Tree

But where and how to get a real Christmas tree that can boost your good mood during the holidays? Read on, and you will find out, as what follows is a short list of some of the most common options that Londoners prefer!

Visit the Local Gardening Centre

Britain has hundreds of Christmas tree sellers, many of them in London. It should be relatively simple for you to find a retailer offering a nice and healthy tree this holiday season. The easiest option is to visit the gardening centre in your neighbourhood. There, you will undoubtedly be able to find a pre-cut tree that can do an excellent job.

Find a Tree Farm

You can also go to a tree farm where you can choose your own tree and get it in a pot or ask the retailer to cut it for you. Though this option seems as simple as the first, it might be harder because you might struggle to find one of these farms near London. Consider how hard it can be to transport a giant Christmas tree across town while tourists explore London’s family holiday destinations.

Choose and Cut Your Own Christmas Tree

Some Christmas tree farms might allow you to personally cut down the tree you desire. That can be exciting, especially if you visit one of those farms with your kids and let them select the tree they want. You may end up spending an excellent bonding time with your family. A visit to a tree farm with your child can be a fun trip and a chance for them to learn about nature.

Buy a Christmas Tree Online

If you have no time for all this or are living alone and do not have to spend time with your family selecting a Christmas tree together, you can do it online. The time that we live in allows us to shop through the web anytime and anywhere and to buy any items that we need, even if we speak for big purchases like a real Christmas tree. Many specialised wholesale suppliers don’t just sell trees. They also provide affordable door-to-door delivery services – a convenient solution for busy working moms or businessmen. It’s a quick and efficient way to get the tree you need without spending more than 15 minutes, all from the comfort of your home or office.

How to Pick a Real Christmas Tree

Selecting the perfect real Christmas tree isn’t just about its beauty. It’s an annual tradition filled with excitement and joy. It’s about finding the right size, type, and freshness to truly bring the spirit of the season into your home.

Research the Different Types of Christmas Trees

Usually, the most common tree options that you will get to choose from when doing online real Christmas tree purchases are:

  • Prestigious Nordmann Fir Christmas tree
  • Supreme Norway Spruce Christmas tree (generally known as the traditional Christmas tree species used in Trafalgar Square every year)
  • Fraser Fir Christmas tree
  • Balsam Fir Christmas tree
  • Lodge Pole Pine Christmas tree
  • Eastern Red Cedar
  • Scottish Pine
  • Pot-Grown Christmas tree

Consider Where You’ll Display It

Before shopping for Christmas trees in London, you must measure the space in your home to fit the tree you will buy. Any failure to do upfront measurements can result in selecting a wrongful tree – something you would not want to do.

Consider any heat vents or nearby fireplaces when arranging your tree. Placing it close to a heat source can dry it quickly and cause increased needle drop. If that’s the case, consider hiring a domestic cleaning company to tidy up the mess after the holidays.

Check for Freshness

Another thing that you should know is how to take a freshness test. Some trees are cut way ahead of the official holidays, so by the time you get them, they may no longer be as fresh as you need them. Consequently, such trees can be used for holiday decoration only for a few days before they start dying.

Do your best to choose a seller who conducts ongoing shipments during the holiday season and who stores the trees in a shaded area. Finding someone who keeps the trees in water after they have been cut is even better.

If you are personally visiting a Christmas tree farm, you can lift the tree and then set it down roughly to test it before paying for it. If needles fall off when you shake it, the tree may already be too dry.

Final Words

Regardless of whether you go to a local retailer or tree farm or order your real Christmas tree online, check whether you will gather with your family this year or not.

If you need to fit many presents under it, you’d better get a bigger one. If you’re celebrating with a few friends at home, opting for a smaller tree might be ideal as it’ll perfectly suit the occasion. Best of luck in your search!

Remember to keep up the good spirits and positivity so Santa can bring you a wonderful present.

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