Fun Birthday Ideas London – Top 20 Ideas to Celebrate Birthday

fun birthday ideas london

Welcome to the holy grail of many happy returns, with everything from massages to masterclasses, cocktails, and the finest cuisine. We’ve compiled a list of all the top 20 fun birthday ideas in London.

Fun Birthday Ideas London – Top 20 Ideas to Celebrate Birthday

1. Take a Hot Tub Boat Down the Thames

Take a Hot Tub Boat down the Thames

Spas are undoubtedly enjoyable. However, floating down the Thames in a massive hot tub is more enjoyable. True to the letter.

2. Request Champagne

Request Champagne

Only a few times a year can you order an expensive bottle of Champagne without hesitation. A birthday is unquestionably one of them, and there’s no better place to celebrate it than Soho institution Bob Bob Ricard.

3. Invite Your Pals to Brunch

Invite Your Pals to Brunch

This drag brunch should do the job if you’re looking for something out of the ordinary for your birthday. Join Drag Idol champions Jimmy Lavender and Felix Le Freak for some furious performances, laugh-out-loud humor, and plenty of food and drink.

4. Get Dressed Up and Dance

If you’re searching for a reason to dress up, this prohibition-era party is ideal. Bring your best Flapper-style glad rags and travel to the hidden candlelit location for a night of live jazz, drinks, cabaret acts, and lots of dancing.

5. Combine Bowling and Alcohol

Combine Bowling and Alcohol

The days of run-down bowling alleys and dingy arcade games are long gone; London has stepped up its bowling game and now boasts many locations where you can play.

6. Go for A Drink In The Forest

Go For A Drink In The Forest

If you know where to look, you may find a religious sanctuary only a stone’s throw from Regent Street. The Glade, a bar and dining room in sketchy hotspot Sketch, is a beautiful place to celebrate a birthday with birthday cake, breakfast, lunch, or late drinks.

7. Down Cocktails at a Boozy Drag Queen Brunch

Down Cocktails at a Boozy Drag Queen Brunch

At a Bougie Drag Queen Brunch, you can celebrate your birthday in style with lip sync battles, challenging performances, and delectable cuisine.

8. Choose Your Favorite Punch

Choose Your Favorite Punch

The cocktail clubs in the quaint, wood-paneled Punch Room, nestled away in the rear of Fitzrovia’s exquisite Edition Hotel, are far from the sickly fruit concoctions you may have prepared at home parties as a kid.

9. Perform Your Heart Out in a Private Karaoke Booth

Gather your closest friends and family to let your hair down and channel your inner Mariah in a private karaoke booth in the capital.

10. Dine Aboard an Old-Fashioned Train

Dine Aboard An Old-Fashioned Train

You won’t find a more opulent setting for a birthday celebration than aboard the beautiful Belmond British Pullman.

The rebuilt historic train at London Victoria station features exquisite wood-paneled coaches full of Art Deco embellishments that provide the ideal backdrop for a memorable supper.

11. Let Your Competitive Side Shine at a Games Bar

Let Your Competitive Side Shine at a Games Bar

Nothing beats getting dressed up, down a few drinks, then utterly smashing your friends at some game. Right? The capital’s attractiveness is that there’s a gaming bar for almost anything. Darts?

12. Put onYour Dance Shoes

Put On Your Dance Shoes

Nobody parties like the Scots, so why not compel your buddies to engage in some frenzied Scottish country dance to commemorate another year on Earth? There’s no need for expertise;

A caller will teach you the movements and tell you when to execute them, while more experienced ceilidh-goers will be generous with their time and sparing with their grimaces when you fall on their foot for the sixth time.

13. Give in To Your Inner Kid

When you were a youngster, birthday celebrations were simple: a game of bowling, a fast round in the arcade, a dish of jelly and ice cream, bish bash bosh, and home to bed.

Late-night bowling gives way to a hopping dance floor, and there’s a pool, karaoke, and a slush puppy machine to keep you entertained until you recall that bowling is the worst.

14. Attend A Spectacular Party

Attend A Spectacular Party

Imagine Chuck Bass opening a store in Clapham, and you’re getting close to the kinky splendour of The Last Tuesday Society’s regular soirees.

Their themed parties are notorious for their wild flights of imagination and overall lack of inhibition, making them ideal if you’re looking for something mysterious and unique.

15. Watch a Movie in an Unusual Location

Watch a movie in an unusual location

You should not settle for a typical movie outing on your birthday, even if it is one of those posh ones with seats and waiters. Instead, go to Backyard Cinema, which shows classic films in unusual settings like cathedrals and grottos.

16. Drinking Drinks in a Bathroom

Drinking drinks in a bathroom

What was previously a men’s toilet is now a modest but wonderfully constructed speakeasy featuring an afternoon burlesque performance every Saturday afternoon as part of its High Tea and Tease event.

If you don’t fancy that, Cellar Door’s drink menu is extensive and delectable, and they even offer snuff if that’s your thing.

17. Picnic in The Park With A View

Picnic In The Park With A View

If you’re #lucky enough to enjoy a summer birthday, grab a hamper and go north to eat sausage rolls and sandwiches with the most incredible view of London.

18. Take a Brisk Stroll

Take a brisk stroll

London offers a surprising quantity of green spots to meander around and get lost if you know where to look. The Green Chain walks wind through the city’s fields, parks, and secret passageways.

19. Raise the ante with a Sophisticated Wine Tasting

Raise the ante with a Sophisticated Wine Tasting

Begin your new chapter with a refined wine tasting at London’s finest vineyards. Humble Grape mixes value with exceptional wines, with a stripped-back experience costing just £45 per person.

20. Enroll in a Cooking Class

Enroll in a Cooking Class

Taking a culinary class is one of our favorite birthday ideas in London – ideal if you already consider yourself a whiz in the kitchen but want to take it to the next level. It’s entirely up to you whether you go alone or with pals.


Don’t settle for the same old,’ same old’ this year; instead, party in the city’s heart and let some of London’s most extraordinary and strangest events carry you through to the next year of your life. We’ve put together a list of entertaining activities for your birthday in London, whether it’s a boozy affair or something a bit more-healthy. Take a look at the above list of 20 fun birthday ideas in London.

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