How to Choose Earrings for Women – 10 Tips

earrings for women

Accessorizing is quintessential when it comes to pacing up with fashion trends. They add that extra glam and glitter to a woman’s outfit and the overall personality she carries. An accessory that compliments and enhances beauty can make a woman the showstopper however a choice gone wrong in picking up the accessories can result in a fashion blunder too.

Earrings are the most important part of accessorizing a woman’s look. A nice pair of earrings that goes with the look becomes quite tricky at times to find. Here we are presenting quick 10 tips to choose earrings for women. Here they are-

How to Choose Earrings for Women?

1. The shape of the face matters a lot while picking an earring

The shape of the face

The face structure of a woman can be decisive when picking the earrings. The key is to understand the shape and pick the earring that goes well and doesn’t maximize the unwanted proportions of the face.

  • For Oval-Shaped Face: Oval-faced women have the advantage as this type of face structure can accommodate almost all sorts of earrings and accommodates a wide choice.
  • For Round face: Long geometric earrings are great for a woman who has a round face. Teardrop and dangled earrings also go along and elongate the face a bit. Massive designs with lots of details can be avoided. Go for the elegant, subtle, and feminine designs to make the earrings a success on any occasion.
  • For Square face: Hoop earrings and dangling earpieces match with square-shaped faces. However, oversized hoops should be avoided. To soften the cheekbones for a square face, round earrings can do wonders.
  • Heart-Shaped face: To bring up the glam with heart-shaped faces, long earrings with subtle lines, and curves and designs are the best ones. They will help to balance the face shape and will add that fashion statement to the overall personality too.
  • For Narrow faces: The long dangle earrings will help to minimize the length of the face and to soften the look elongated teardrop earrings can be worn, adding elegance.

2. Earrings can be picked choosing hair color and hair length

choosing hair color and hair length

The colors and designs of the earrings can be decided as per the hair length and the hair color of a woman. Platinum and silver jewelry goes very well with dark hair color however, for the golden hair or blonde woman, gold earrings will look more charming than any other. For attractive looks, the red-haired woman should wear rose gold earrings. Similarly, the length of hair can make a real difference. With short hair or hair up you can put on a different style of earrings as your earlobes are exposed. At the same time with long open hair, long earrings that have sparkle pose for a signature move.

3. Earrings as per the lifestyle

Earrings as per the lifestyle

The woman who is found mostly at work, hustling her way out in her career, hardly needs the earrings that are heavy, distracting, and standing out, rather than blending in. The studs with designs in gold and silver that are elegant and lightweight will match the best to wear in the office. Dangles, silver necklaces, and big hoops are a strict no for an office setting. The woman who is socially quite active, the heart of every party, and can be found in most of the big events happening in the town would need more sparkly dangles and dramatic, geometric designs to create a buzz.

4. Earrings that depict the style and personality

Earrings that depict the style and personality

There are woman artists that like to wear hand-woven thread earpieces and flaunt them with their unconventional outfits. The earrings can be picked with the style the woman carries and the kind of statement she wants to make with her jewelry.

5. Matching the earrings with the skin color

Matching the earrings with the skin color

Gold and copper-colored earrings look best on the skin color that is in warm undertones (like peaches or yellow). With pinkish skin tones, Silver makes the right match for the earrings. Platinum, solitaires, and Silver earrings look fabulous on women with darker skin tones.

6. Earrings as per the occasion

Earrings as per the occasion

The earpieces can be picked as per the occasion too. Earrings with motif designs and sparkly stones can prove to be a treat for the eyes at evening parties. For wedding and family occasions a bit dramatic and statement earrings can be worn.

7. Weight of the earrings

Weight of the earrings

A heavy or extravagant pair of earrings can cause inconvenience and even an injury to the earlobe. A very important tip is to ensure that the earrings are lightweight and if it is heavily weighted, they should be worn with the lobe patches that are available easily in the market. These ear lobe support patches are put on the back of the lobe and balance the weight of the earring. It is used by women who are fond of wearing stone-studded danglers, and alloy metal earrings that put weight on the earlobe.

8. Trendy earrings that are fit for all the seasons

Trendy earrings

There are beautiful and elegant designs available for the earrings that are timeless and go with any season and occasion. Choosing comfortable and all-occasion jewelry can also be a good option.

9. Vintage and Antique earrings for the lady

Vintage and Antique earrings

Women also love exclusive and vintage pieces of earrings showcasing centuries-old designs. Such earrings are rare and rare is what a woman likes the most.

10. Colorful and eye-catchy earrings for lifting the spirits

Colorful and eye-catchy earrings

Bright-colored earrings are also in trend these days. The neon colors are replacing the conventional earrings of neutral colors. They are great to lift the mood and bring that twinkle in her eyes back.


To choose earrings for women is not a herculin’s task, however, it is not as easy too. The right metal, color, design, and weight are all that matter most of the time. With the above-mentioned tips, you can easily gift any woman the choicest earrings that she could flaunt in the office, at parties, and in the Instagram story, she is posting next.

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