Borough Market Restaurants – Top 10 in London

borough market restaurants

Everybody has heard Borough Market’s name, one of the most historic retail located in Southwark, London. Are you thinking of visiting the famous borough market this weekend? You will want to dine in at a restaurant there if you do. Well, you are in luck. Here we have some of the top restaurants in the borough market, with suggestions on their best meals.

Borough Market Restaurants – Top 10 in London

1. Hawksmoor Borough

Hawksmoor Borough

Creativity at its best, Hawksmoor Borough has refurbished a warehouse into a restaurant. A rustic and classy setting, you find it filled with people here all throughout the day. We suggest you try the British beef here and also their cocktail clubs.

An extensive wine list is also available for wine lovers. A relaxing afternoon can be spent here, with not too much noise but just the right amount of chatter.

2. Elliot’s


Are you craving some burgers this weekend? Then this is the place for you. A contemporary restaurant in the Borough market, Elliots has the best menu for burgers.

You could also try their various wine list. This restaurant is suitable for a hefty meal or even a quick snack; even their appetizers are mouth-watering.

3. Wright Brothers Oyster & Porter House

Wright Brothers Oyster & Porter House

Wanting to try seafood restaurant for some time, well, Wright Brothers Oyster & Porter House has it all. They have a range of seafood platters, oysters, crabs and other sea fish.

And if seafood does not suit your taste, we recommend beef. This restaurant is all about seafood with good service and an excellent rating.

4. Padella


An Italian fusion restaurant, Padells is almost always full. Ensure you have a prior reservation if you are visiting this restaurant. Of course, we suggest the pasta here served with seasonal sauces.

The price range is also within budget and won’t make a hole in your pocket. Great as a family restaurant and very kid-friendly.

5. The Borough Market Kitchen

The Borough Market Kitchen

We can not exclude this from the list. The Borough Market Kitchen is not just one restaurant but a bunch of them altogether. So if you want to eat pasta and some squid side by side. This is the place for you. The hot food stalls were sent under one roof, with big tables.

You will pretty much get everything and anything here. The food choices are never-ending, from a Hainanese kitchen to a Gourmet restaurant and slow roast veal to salads. And best of all, it is pocket-friendly and great for family lunches or dinners, with everyone ordering just what they want.

6. Casa do Frango

Casa do Frango

Only at £15 per person, this restaurant serves you more food than you could ever eat. Casa do Frango uses a famous age-old recipe for its Portuguese peri chicken grilled over wood. Its located on the first floor of a warehouse and is quite large on the inside.

There is nothing better than a plate of this and some bread or rice with lemon and butter sauce dripping over it. With ample tables and food all around, this restaurant is often filled during the night. A nice place to have fun and entertainment-filled evening with friends.

7. Kappacasein Dairy

Kappacasein Dairy

A permanent stall that has grown into a full-blown meal restaurant. They serve the best sandwiches, from classics like cheese and ham to avocado and salmon. On top of this, they also have a very high rating and have been reviewed by many food critiques.

We suggest you try the Raclette with potatoes and pickles, one of the best sellers in town. Also, it costs very little, so there is no need to worry about your spending. There is a queue outside the stall almost every day, and people flog over to try their exquisite raclettes.

8. BAO Borough

BAO Borough

Want to eat something extraordinary, then this is the place for you. This bar also has karaoke machines and can be booked for your party. Opened in 2019, this is the best bar in town, with a considerable range of Baos.

And if Bao does not cut it for you, they also have small plates of rice, pork, and other appetizers. We suggest you try the Bao and the Taiwanese fried chicken along with their rice bowls. There is a party atmosphere all around, so if you want to drink and eat with your friend on a Friday night, the best restaurant in town. They have dim lights and rustic decor, adding to the comfortable but party-like scene in the bar. They also have various kinds of cocktails, cocktails, drinks to choose from, and food.

9. Arabica Bar and Kitchen

Arabica Bar and Kitchen

An Arabic and Iranian fusion restaurant also has Lebanese food to go along with. Founded by James Walters in the early 2000s, this used to be a stall before they opened a restaurant. Even fusion British dishes are found here but filled with Middle Eastern spices and herbs.

They also have many drinks to select from. We suggest this place if you want to eat something different and unique. Not too costly, the interiors are also lovely and classy. The ambiance is very serene, with soft music playing in the background. Their dishes are famous on social media sites and are often visited by bloggers and influencers.

10. El Pastor

El Pastor

Pretty to look at, the EL Pastor is a Mexican-based restaurant. IT looks like a railway tunnel and is pretty on the inside. Best place if you want some nice pictures to go along with the food.

They have their Tortilla factory to get fresh and newly made tortillas in every order. We suggest you try their quesadillas and tacos.

We suggest you visit the borough market between Wednesday to Saturday when it is all open. Fresh groceries, hot food carts on the side, the hustle and bustle of a good market. On Mondays and Tuesdays, it’s a bit dim, and not all shops will be open. But if you want some peaceful dining without the crowd, it is the right thing for you.

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