Aquarium in London – Top 10 British Aquariums

aquarium in london

What precisely does the word aquarium remind you of? I mean what’s the picture that instantly comes to your mind? Is it Dubai and the huge glass enclosure inside the Dubai Mall having various varieties of aquatic animals including sharks and rays? But the actual question is, do you really have to go that far? To Dubai? Only because it’s recently developed. Well if you look historically, London has been among one of the most talked-about cities whenever it has been about bringing the unexplored world of deep-sea creatures in front of the observational sight.

Although I can’t say this about everyone, there’s no doubt a huge number of folks who would feel great taking a trip with their family (kids especially) to one of London’s best aquariums. Aquariums that offer a captivating and engrossing experience to anyone who hasn’t explored sea life yet or hasn’t yet learned underwater swimming!

Anyways, if you have kids and you take them to one of London’s best aquariums, you bet they are going to be impressed and might even implore you to install one! Here’s a list compiling the information about the top 10 best aquariums in London.

Aquarium in London – Top 10 British Aquariums

1. Sealife


The SEA LIFE London Aquarium is located on London’s South Bank. Your adventure will include a glass-walled Ocean Tunnel walk into the water, a Seahorse Kingdom tour, a Rainforest Adventure featuring piranha and crocodiles.

And the Shark Walk where you can see sharks swimming below you. In addition to penguins and clownfish, you will also see rays, jellyfish, and starfish. An average visit lasts between one and two hours. It is only a short walk to Waterloo (also the closest tube station). It is also possible to walk from Westminster and Charing Cross. The region is served by a number of bus routes with stops near the area.

2. Aquatic Design Centre

Aquatic Design Centre

Aquatic Design Centre is an aquarium in South London with around 250 fish and coral tanks. The Aquatic Design Centre was founded by marine biologist Nick Lloyd in 1985.

Their knowledgeable staff can advise you on the best fish for your tank and which fish get along with each other. There are marine, tropical, and coldwater fish varieties, but the business offers a lot more. Aquatic Design Centre has more than 30 years of experience building custom aquariums and fish tanks.

Their designs are incredibly stunning, and they can be found in the homes of celebrities, high-end restaurants, and museums all around the world. The Aquatic Design Centre is unrivaled in its selection and degree of knowledge for customers looking for the best in pet fish.

3. The Aquarium

The Aquarium

Its highly acclaimed Aquarium will take you on a fascinating journey through rivers, seas, and oceans. South American fish may be swimming in the flooded roots of the mangrove trees.

In the area, you can find poison dart frogs and tropical tree frogs. A live coral show allows you to observe reef fish interacting with this amazing and diverse habitat up close. Examine the symbiotic connection between clownfishes and anemones.

The two marvel at the motion and form of jellyfish as they travel through their aquarium. During your visit to the park, you will not only see amazing animals up close but also learn about their fascinating lives and their habitats.

4. Brent Lodge Park Animal Centre- The Bunny Park

Brent Lodge Park Animal Centre- The Bunny Park

This popular attraction is now known as Hanwell Zoo, and it can be found in Brent Lodge Park, Hanwell, London W7.

Hanwell Zoo, previously known as the ‘Bunny Park,’ is home to a wide variety of birds, mammals, and other aquatic animals, such as Hatari the porcupine, our mob of meerkats, and our flock of flamingos. The park also offers a maze made from 2000 yew trees, a cafe, a play area, and limited (free) parking.

5. Urban Aquatics

urban aquatics

Urban Aquatics is a company that offers people aquatic services at their homes. Since 2006, they have provided their customers with installation, design, and maintenance services.

Customers who want to set up their own tiny tanks in their homes or businesses must check out Urban Aquatics, which is known for offering good customer service. Programmer for aquariums and plumber who maximizes equipment’s performance and appearance.

They provide customized aquarium management services by keeping track of all aquarium components, water chemistry, fish and coral health, as well as performing water changes and algae removal.

6. Hertfordshire Fisheries

Hertfordshire Fisheries

Located in Hertfordshire, Hertfordshire Fisheries is a multi-award-winning reptile and aquatic center. We offer a wide variety of high-quality fish, reptiles, exotic pets, and all the materials you need for a pond or aquarium.

Over 30 years ago, it was founded by a local, independent family and has been providing aquatic products since then. Providing expert advice on any element of your business is what their knowledgeable staff can do for you. Additionally, they can assist you with your purchases as well.

7. The Fish Guy

The Fish Guy

Providing aquarium maintenance, they are a company. But what exactly does it mean? Providers of aquariums install aquariums, as well as maintain aquariums, for example.

They offer a full range of services. During the first meeting, they will go over every detail, from the type of fish you want to the date of installation. Secondly, on the same day, they install the fish tank as well as the apparatus and the fish.

They then provide an aquarium after-care service, in which they take care of your aquarium to keep it in pristine condition. A custom aquarium can be built for you or you can pick from the top choices of off-the-shelf aquariums.

8. Maidenhead Aquatics Morden Water World

Maidenhead Aquatics Morden Water World

Founded over 30 years ago by fishkeepers, Maidenhead Aquatics is a proudly run business by fishkeepers for fishkeepers. With over 800 employees spread across 150 locations.

You will never be far from any assistance or expertise. From the day they opened their first store in Maidenhead, they believed that hiring fish keepers was pivotal to their success. Being the UK’s leading chain with locations nationwide, each of their branches has its own personality and specialties.

9. Aquarium and Ponds UK

Aquarium and Ponds UK

The family-run a small business Aquarium and Ponds UK has been providing services in the Sevenoaks and south London area for decades. It’s easy to find a wide variety of aquatic animals, and the staff can assist with the installation.

10. Happyarium


It is a leading player in the ornamental fish keeping sector, particularly in the tropical fish keeping sector. They strive to provide enterprises and individuals with high-quality, cost-effective, adaptable, and bespoke solutions.

You will certainly bring back a wide variety of aquatic species if you visit them once.

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