Top 10 Best 70th Birthday Ideas

70th birthday ideas

Each decade brings with it countless cherished memories and accomplishments. A 70th birthday is, therefore, a special occasion that family and friends should celebrate together. The perfect way to celebrate life’s amazing moments is to throw a party for your loved old one. You must make sure that the person who is receiving the gift is comfortable and will enjoy the celebration when planning a 70th birthday party, or a platinum jubilee, as this anniversary is often called. After all, it’s their party!  A lot will depend on the health of the persons involved, the food preferences, and the size of the event.

It seems like there are a lot of things to consider, doesn’t it? You’re in luck, because this article is guaranteed to have something suitable for anyone over 70 years old! We have come up with 10 great 70th birthday party ideas you can consider this year. Here you will find inspiration for some fun surprise 70th birthday party ideas for your lifetime partner or for some special 70th birthday party ideas for your parents! Here, we are here to assist you with planning the perfect event. Here are a few 70th birthday party ideas that we found to start the party off.

Top 10 Best 70th Birthday Ideas

1. Then & Now: Party Invitations

Party invitations

Choosing invitations with a “then & now” design will make your party stand out. A birthday invitation of this type lets you include an old picture of the honoree as a child or young adult. As this birthday approaches, this is a great idea to celebrate the experiences you’ve accumulated over the years. The invitation can even be printed as a poster to display during the celebration.

2. Slide Show

Slide show

Slide displays are a terrific way to keep the party intimate while still reliving happy moments with friends and family. A slide show can be done in two different ways. One is a “Now and Then” format, in which you show images of the honoree from childhood until their 70th birthday party. “A Look-Back and a Look Forward” is another approach to present a slideshow. This is my favorite because you get to ask them questions and see photographs of where they want to go and what they want to achieve, as well as share and appreciate the memories of their life thus far. This is a risky concept because you don’t want to bring back old, sad memories. If the person’s spouse died recently, you might want to avoid putting up images from their wedding. It can be too much for them, and the birthday party will end up being more sadder than you had hoped.

3. A 70-Page Photo Album

Put together a special 70-page photo book celebrating seven decades of your life. As well as photos that include heartfelt letters from family members and close friends to him or her. Each letter should include what the birthday honoree means to each of them, the qualities they admire, favorite memories, and birthday wishes. The party will enjoy the feature and the birthday gift will be even more appreciated.

4. Host a Roast

Host a Roast

This is a fantastic way to spice up any celebration, especially one celebrating the 70th birthday! Imagine the stories you’d hear if you lived for another 70 years! It’s critical to mention the roast plan on the invitations, and have everybody who wants to participate come up with a funny anecdote about the honoree to tell at the party. Make sure you ask to see each memory/funny story first, so you don’t end up with duplicates or, more significantly, upset feelings. This is a theme in which the honored visitor is recognized and made to feel special while having a good time. Organizing a roast for a special visitor is a terrific idea for any type of party or celebration, so you can use it for an 80th birthday celebration as well. Again, try not to be cruel, and chat to the other guests about what kinds of questions would be appropriate and what topics are off-limits to everyone so you don’t make the guest of honor weep.

5. Playlists of Party Music

The birthday party guest of honor will have the opportunity to choose from a variety of music playlists. Make a playlist that takes them through their favorite decades. Playlists to reminisce about their most memorable childhood years often produce nostalgic memories of their favorite music as an adult (although the best is yet to come).

6. Personalized Birthday Video

Personalized birthday video

Working with a videographer to create a video in honor of their 70 years on earth is a great way to honor them. Share the sentiments of friends and family members regarding the birthday person. Create a video that includes their favorite memories and messages of appreciation. You can also include cute messages from grandchildren to add a bit of humor to the video. Also, you can ask loved ones to send you video clips recorded on their phones to create your own compilation video.

7. Create a Momento

Create a momento

You can have everyone sign a football or baseball (or a game piece from whatever sport he loves). Include a card with memories of those he taught how to play that sport or game. Then, if you have the time and space, let your dad see what a legacy of sportsmanship he has built by playing a game with that ball.

8. Choose Foods That She Likes

Choose foods that she likes

As the centerpiece of the celebration, use Mom’s favorite food and dishes. Provide a charcuterie board with her favorite cheeses or serve special finger foods. The guests will be happy and full and your mother will appreciate the careful consideration you put into the menu.

9. Commemorate her Life and Accomplishments

Commemorate her life and accomplishments

Celebrate all the amazing things she has accomplished or the family she has created with a toast. It’s up to you to write what makes your mother your hero and share that with those who share similar views with you.

10. Cake Ideas for Birthday

Cake Ideas for Birthday

If you are choosing a birthday cake, find out what the guest of honor’s favorite flavor is. Whatever the flavor, whether it’s strawberry, red velvet, or ice cream cake, pairing the right decorations with it makes the whole thing come together. To incorporate the guest of honor’s childhood photo into a cake, you might consider getting it printed on the icing at your local grocer or cake shop. If the guest of honor has a favorite color, decorate the cake with their favorite hue. Help the grandchildren add a special touch to the cake by having them design the icing themselves.

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