Best Gluten Free Restaurants London – Top 10 Friendly Restaurants

Best Gluten Free Restaurants London

From foreign cuisine to classic fish and chips, London provides many tasty gluten-free eating alternatives. Whether you want a quiet family dinner or a gluten-free afternoon tea in London, these restaurants feature specialized menus or a variety of gluten-free choices. It is for all of our gluten-free readers out there. It necessitates repeated rounds of Sherlock-style inspection of dish components, sad bun-free burgers, and spending what seems to be half your pay on Amy’s Kitchen ready-meals. Continue reading our guide on the top 10 the Best Gluten Free Restaurants London.

Best Gluten Free Restaurants London – Top 10 Friendly Restaurants



Wahaca Soho is in the midst of one of central London’s most interesting areas, with a vibrant décor that creates a lively environment to enjoy a variety of Mexican-inspired, gluten-free cuisine. Thomasina Miers, the co-founder of Wahaca and Masterchef 2005 winner.

Has designed an innovative gluten-free menu to ensure celiacs have the best possible experience at the restaurant.

Begin with some fresh tomato salsa and tortilla chips before selecting two or three gluten-free corn tacos with various South American flavors. Try the wonderful plantain taco, which is made with plantain, frijoles, crema, and feta for a hint of Mexican heat.

2. Granger And CO


First and first, kudos to Granger & Co. for providing one of the most comprehensive allergy menus. We celebrate them, and more importantly, we honor their brunch offerings, along with the traditional egg and avocado.

They also provide miso and brown rice porridge, jasmine tea, hot smoked salmon, and gluten-free bread. Freshly squeezed orange juice and Allpress coffee are welcomed.

3. Honest Burgers

Honest Burgers

What distinguishes Honest Burgers is the option of gluten-free buns, which allows celiacs to get genuine, substantial burgers without the hassle of restrictive diets with an ever-changing menu that includes fresh specials.

Keep an eye out for the traditional cheeseburger filled with Ginger Pig dry-aged beef, red onion relish, lettuce, and your choice of cheese.

The fritter burger, which includes cauliflower, tomato, sweet corn, and shallots, is a wonderful meat-free alternative for vegetarians.

The huge windows and wooden walls provide a beautiful, midwestern atmosphere; here is a spot to recharge while enjoying a simple, high-quality meal.

4. Farm Girl Cafe

Farmgirl Cafe

Farm Girl is one of those restaurants with a menu that reads like a haiku-headed ‘Vitamins Are Our Friends.’ Cacao nibs, toasted sesame, ginger, cardamom, sweet beetroot, and something delightful called summer leaves cucumber are all on the menu.

You’ll discover gluten-free dishes among the herbs and hibiscus, ranging from sour cherry pancakes to spicy shiitake tacos. After lunch, take a leisurely walk around Portobello Market. You’re a sophisticate.

5. Oliver’s Fish And Chips

Olivers fish and chips

Oliver’s Fish and Chips serves a gluten-free version of this classic British favorite just north of the magnificent Regent’s Park every Wednesday. Because of the venue’s small size, reservations must make in advance. However, the small size only adds to the place’s cozy feel.

The restaurant always buys fresh ingredients, which makes their food taste good. It is made even better by the Mediterranean influences in the cooking. With a selection of gluten-free fish, chips, and onion rings, choose the delightful grilled sea bream as an accompaniment to a plate of their hot, crispy fries.

6. Pastaio


Pastaio’s Cornstarch is for you. And if you’re searching for a hero amid a crisis – a major pasta desire on a Wednesday night – Pastaio has your back. This bright and simple handmade pasta place in Soho boasts a gluten-free penne that can be substituted for any other pasta.

Making it ideal for a bolognese or mussels, garlic, and ‘nduja moment.

7. Pizza Express, Baker Street

Pizza Express, Baker Street

The exquisite high ceilings and wide interior of this Italian restaurant, which was once a bank, provide a vibrant setting to witness the outstanding cooks produce Mediterranean pizzas with the majority of the meticulously crafted toppings.

Accessible on a gluten-free pizza base, celiacs have plenty of options at this eatery. Toppings to try to include the inventive Il Padrino and the milder Giardiniera for those who want greens. Make a reservation for the tooting restaurant‘s big basement dining area for more private parties.

8. Locanda Locatelli


Locanda Locatelli is one of those places where you’re 99 percent certain that everyone sitting around you is either a ruling broadsheet editor, linked to Helen Mirren, or is Helen Mirren herself. It was not cheap. It also happens to have the greatest gluten-free spaghetti in London.

It is the type of fine dining Italian you go to for a birthday or any special event that warrants a £40 bottle of wine, with pasta so exquisite that you’ll undoubtedly ask your suited waiter whether it’s ‘gluten-free’ at least twice.

9. Leon


The culinary innovations presented at Leon Bankside mix healthiness with enjoyment, making it a destination where fast food is excellent food. Please take a seat and study the extensive menu crammed with designated gluten-free options.

With odd artwork adorning the walls, possibly reflecting its closeness to the Tate Modern. Choose the Moroccan meatballs hot box for a filling lunch that includes grilled meatballs, tomato sauce, brown rice, toasted seeds, and aioli. Choose the well-seasoned chargrilled chicken superfood salad for a lighter option. Before you go, don’t forget to look over the gluten-free sweet delicacies.

10. Bancone


Bancone is an obvious choice. This small handmade pasta bar is perfect for dates, friends, anniversaries, and even random events like “your roommate who surreptitiously eats your pricey yogurts is gone for six months and it’s time to celebrate.

” One of our favorite destinations for a strong carbohydrate fix, you can substitute gluten-free spaghetti with their usual pasta. Although it is rather crowded here, you may always visit their Covent Garden location if their Soho restaurant is packed.


When you have coeliac disease and have to continuously examine ingredient labels and hunt for ‘free-from’ indicators, dining out may be a scary idea. However, with London’s ever-expanding gluten-free alternatives, you’ll be astonished at how simple it is to have the ultimate wheat-free lunch.

Please browse above our list of the top 10 the best Gluten Free Restaurants in London; these establishments will make you forget about the hardship of catering to a food allergy.

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