Top 10 Dog-Friendly Restaurants in London

dog friendly restaurants in london

Are you tired of leaving your furry friend behind when you want to go out for a meal? Good news! There are plenty of dog-friendly restaurants in London where both you and your pup can enjoy a lovely meal together. From fancy fine dining to casual cafes, we have compiled a list of the top 10 dog-friendly restaurants in London that cater to pet owners’ needs. We will also be discussing what sets these dog-friendly restaurants apart, whether all dogs are welcome, and the health and safety measures that these restaurants follow. So pack up your pup’s leash and get ready to explore some paw-some dining options with your four-legged companion!

What Makes Dog-Friendly Restaurants Stand Out?

What Makes Dog-Friendly Restaurants Stand Out

Dog-friendly restaurants stand out for their warm welcome and commitment to making furry friends feel at home. From providing water bowls and organic treats to offering an extensive food menu and outdoor terrace, these establishments create the perfect spot for dog lovers. Innovative booking systems and a focus on health and safety also set them apart.

Are All Dogs Welcome at Dog-friendly Restaurants in London?

Dog-friendly restaurants in London warmly welcome dogs of all shapes, sizes, and breeds. From small to large, these establishments provide a friendly atmosphere for every furry friend. With extensive menus and special treats for dogs, they are a must-visit for every dog lover in the city.

Top 10 Dog-Friendly Restaurants in London

Discover London’s best dog-welcoming dining spots, offering a warm reception for both you and your furry companion. Indulge in therapeutic activities and tasty treats with your puppy pal at various locations around London, from Notting Hill to South London. Revolutionize your dining experience with innovative booking and private hire spaces at these pawsitive cafes and pet-friendly wine bars. Uncover the perfect spot to share a meal with your best friend, whether it’s a waterside pub or an open kitchen hotspot.

1. Pawsitive, Kensington

Pawsitive, Kensington

Pawsitive in Kensington provides a pawsitive dining experience for dog lovers, offering an intimate setting and extensive food menu. It’s the ideal spot to bring your furry friend and join other dog owners for happy hour. This dog-friendly restaurant is an absolute must-visit for puppy parents in Kensington, providing a warm and welcoming atmosphere for all.

Address: 52 Westbourne Grove, W2 5SH.

2. Straits Kitchen, Pan Pacific

Straits Kitchen, Pan Pacific

Treat your furry friend to therapeutic activities and delicious grub at Straits Kitchen, located in the Pan Pacific. This dog-friendly spot offers a great dining experience for dogs of all shapes and sizes. Expect a warm welcome and a bowl of fresh water for your canine companion. Don’t miss the chance to bring your best friend to enjoy organic treats and a pawsitive atmosphere at Straits Kitchen. This place welcomes pups with open arms, making it a must-visit for dog owners in Pan Pacific.

Address: 80 Houndsditch, EC3A 7AB.

3. Egerton House Hotel, Kensington

Egerton House Hotel, Kensington

Indulge in a delightful evening at the Egerton House Hotel in Kensington, offering a welcoming dining experience for both you and your furry friend. Pamper your canine companion with afternoon tea and organic treats while reveling in British classics in the intimate dining room. Join other dog lovers for happy hour and explore the extensive wine list. The hotel provides an ideal setting for a date restaurant with your best friend, offering an intimate feel and a variety of experiences for dog owners.

Address: 17-19 Egerton Terrace, SW3 2BX.

4. Gaucho, Hampstead

Gaucho, Hampstead

At Gaucho in Hampstead, canine companions are greeted with a warm reception and provided with a bowl of water and organic treats. The restaurant welcomes dogs of all shapes, creating a pawsitive atmosphere for dog owners to enjoy happy hour alongside other dog lovers. Additionally, Gaucho offers an extensive wine list, ensuring a delightful experience for both humans and their furry best friends.

Address: 64 Heath Street, NW3 1DN.

5. Drake & Morgan, King’s Cross

Drake & Morgan, King's Cross

Located in King’s Cross, Drake & Morgan is a haven for dog enthusiasts. Join fellow dog owners for happy hour and savor small plates with your furry best friend at this warm and welcoming spot. Offering organic treats and a pawsitive atmosphere, Drake & Morgan invites you to bring your canine companion to their outdoor terrace. With its ideal location and friendly ambiance, Drake & Morgan provides the perfect setting for a delightful outing with your four-legged pal.

Address: 6 Pancras Square, N1C 4AG

6. The Duck and Rice, Soho

The Duck and Rice, Soho

Nestled in the vibrant neighborhood of Soho, The Duck and Rice beckons puppy parents with open arms. This revolutionary hot spot offers a warm welcome to furry companions, complete with therapeutic activities and organic treats. Its ground-floor wine bar invites young professional audiences for a unique experience, making it a must-visit for dog lovers in various locations. Whether it’s the first Sunday of every month or a spontaneous visit, The Duck and Rice stand out as a positive cafe for you and your best friend.

Address: 90 Berwick Street, W1F 0QB.

7. Music & Beans, Shoreditch

Music & Beans, Shoreditch

At Music & Beans in Shoreditch, dog lovers are greeted with a warm embrace and the opportunity to mingle with fellow canine enthusiasts during happy hour. This establishment prides itself on providing a welcoming atmosphere for furry companions, offering therapeutic activities and delectable treats for dogs. Additionally, Music & Beans’ revolutionary booking system ensures a seamless and enjoyable experience for both patrons and their four-legged friends. This venue truly exemplifies the inclusive nature of dog-friendly restaurants in London, catering to the needs of both humans and their beloved pets.

Address: 13 Rosewoods, London E2 8GY.

8. The Thomas Cubitt, Belgravia

The Thomas Cubitt, Belgravia

The Thomas Cubitt in Belgravia is a top dog-friendly restaurant in London. Located in the heart of one of the city’s most elegant neighborhoods, this charming gastro-pub welcomes furry friends with open paws. The outdoor seating area provides a comfortable and spacious environment for both dogs and their owners to enjoy a meal together. The staff is friendly and accommodating, often going above and beyond to cater to canine guests. With a menu offering delicious British classics and a relaxed atmosphere, The Thomas Cubitt is a must-visit destination for dog lovers looking to dine out in style with their four-legged companions.

Address: 44 Elizabeth Street, SW1W 9PA.

9. The Drapers Arms, Islington

The Drapers Arms, Islington

Nestled in Islington, The Drapers Arms extends a warm welcome to all dog owners, creating a pawsitive atmosphere for furry companions. Join other canine enthusiasts for a delightful happy hour and treat your best friend to therapeutic activities and tasty delights. With an extensive wine list and small plates to savor, this charming establishment offers a cozy bar area on the ground floor. The Drapers Arms is a haven for puppy parents on the lookout for a welcoming spot in Islington.

Address: 44 Barnsbury Street, N1 1ER.

10. Marksman Public House, Bethnal Green

Marksman Public House, Bethnal Green

Nestled in the heart of Bethnal Green, Marksman Public House boasts an extensive food menu, perfect for a romantic date night. This charming pub welcomes dogs of all sizes, creating an ideal spot for dog enthusiasts. Offering fresh water and delectable treats, Marksman ensures a delightful dining experience for furry companions. The inviting outdoor terrace provides a warm welcome for patrons and their canine friends. Amidst the welcoming atmosphere, dog owners can relish British classics while their pups are catered to in the dining room.

Address: 254 Hackney Road, E2 7SJ.

Health and Safety Measures at Dog-friendly Restaurants

At dog-friendly restaurants in London, the health and safety of all guests, including canine companions, is a top priority. Innovative booking and table management systems are in place to ensure a seamless experience. The well-trained staff warmly welcomes pups, creating an intimate atmosphere for all visitors. During warmer months, these establishments provide water bowls and therapeutic activities for dogs. Some even offer organic treats and fresh water, catering to the needs of every puppy pal.

Preparing for a Visit to a Dog-friendly Restaurant

Before venturing to a dog-friendly restaurant, it’s crucial for pet parents to acquaint themselves with the establishment’s doggy Sunday schedule. Understanding the specific canine companion etiquette at each restaurant is essential. Ensuring the comfort of furry friends in a dining environment is a priority. Reviewing the food menu for delectable options for both owners and their pups is recommended. Packing water, therapeutic activities, and tasty treats is vital for a seamless visit to a dog-friendly restaurant.


When it comes to finding a dog-friendly restaurant in London, you have plenty of options to choose from. These establishments not only welcome your furry friends but also go the extra mile to ensure they have a great experience. From Pawsitive in Kensington to The Drapers Arms in Islington, there are a best restaurants that cater to both humans and their canine companions. However, before visiting these establishments, it’s important to be aware of the health and safety measures in place and prepare accordingly. So, grab your furry friend and head out for a delightful dining experience at one of London’s top dog-friendly restaurants.

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